A Step-by-Step Guide to Quit Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is injurious to health. It can be the reason of cancer, ulcer, heart diseases, lung diseases, diabetes etc. but still many people smoke. There are different types of addictions but cigarettes are common one. It’s becoming more popular in young generation too. By smoking, smokers are not just making their own life risky but other’s too especially their loves ones. A person thinks that smoking is a trend. Some smoke for reducing depression or stress and some smokes due to their social circle. In all these reasons they forget that their life is also precious and it is at high risk.

Some people want to quit but they are unable to quit smoking due to addiction or less efforts so we are sharing some steps which might be helpful for smokers. Just religiously follow them you will soon get the result

Step-by-Step Guide to Quit Smoking

  1. Decide to quit: quitting is a challenge but the moment you firmly decide to quit and stick to the decision it would be easy to quit
  2. Reason of quitting: if you don’t think you have valid reason of quitting or you are not concerned about your health, just think about your love ones and their life you might find the reason.
  3. Move on alternatives: smokers know that smoking is an oral addiction. When you quit smoking your brain will crave for oral sensation so use chewing gum, hard candies or raw vegetables etc. in start you may get irritated or don’t even want to move on alternatives but will little patience you can make it.
  4. Tell people about quitting: Quitting is easier with support. Choose people who you think will be helpful. Tell them your plan and how they can help. With their little help you can leave the addiction soon.
  5. Avoid the place: avoid those events, gatherings and things which trigger you to smoke. Change the gathering start staying at home and doing other activities.
  6. Face the initial hard time: first two week is important and difficult as well in process of quitting. So, in this time keep busy yourself, distract your mind and be good with yourself.
  7. Quit with strategies: you cannot quit smoking in one day you need some time so start reducing your dose day by day in this way you would not feel frustrated.
  8. Seek therapies: if nothing works start taking therapies it may help you. Try to avoid being stressed or depressed. Don’t think smoking is a reliever while you are depressed instead of smoking opt other healthy activities for stress management.
  9. Take non nicotine medicines: with the advice of doctor take some medicines that help you to quit smoking.

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Just try and try until you get success in your decision. Sometimes several attempts are not sufficient for quitting. Don’t get discouraged if you light up. Instead, consider what caused your decline; it could be your emotions or the environment. Use it as an opportunity to strengthen your resolve to quit. After quitting you will soon get the positive results, like your heart rate returns to normal after only 20 minutes. The carbon monoxide level in your blood returns to normal within a day. In just 2-3 weeks, your chances of suffering a heart attack will begin to decrease. You’ll also reduce your risk of lung cancer and other diseases in the long run. In short you will not just end the phase of smoking but you will also enter a new process of moving towards a much healthy body, mind and life.

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