Hybrid Cars Beginning Price as Low As 2 million In Pakistan

Due to massive hike in fuel prices across Pakistan, people are trying to find alternatives and shift to cheaper modes of transport. Consequently, the demand for hybrid cars is rising. Mostly hybrid cars are very expensive but they are available at affordable prices in used market making them an appealing choice. This article has the list of all hybrid cars that are available that are available at less than 4 million.

Note: The costs of these vehicles are comparative with their condition. This article will feature a cost section for every hybrid car in the interest of clarity.

Toyota Aqua – Starting Price: Rs. 2.2 Million

Toyota Aqua is one of the most popular hybrid cars in Pakistan and a favourite of car enthusiasts for its sleek design. to give few examples, just like Nissan Note, Aqua is economical, yet strong and it is finer than its rivals in numerous ways including overall performance, reliability and resale value. According to some owners’ reviews regarding this car, Aqua offers a fuel economy of around 18 km/l in the city and around 23 km/l on the highway. However, the fuel economy can vary depending on the driving style.

As per various listings, older Aqua models start from Rs. 2.2 million, while newer models are priced well-above Rs. 4 million.

Honda Fit — Starting Price: Rs. 2.2 Million

Honda Fit is the competitor of Toyota Aqua, It is better than Toyota in terms of practicality and spaciousness but due to lack of popularity it is hard to find even being economical and a well-kept car. The car is reasonably powerful, well-equipped, and offers a fuel economy of up to 16 km/l in the city and up to 21 km/l on the highway. It is available in Pakistan at prices ranging from Rs. 2.2 million to well-over Rs. 4 million. However, some high-mileage, yet nicer examples of Honda fit are available for around Rs. 3 million.

Toyota Prius — Starting Price: Rs. 2.4 Million

Prius is a great car. It is the oldest or you can say earliest hybrid car in Pakistan. The reasonable kept cars of Prius are sold at 2.5 million while the newer and top-tier plugin hybrid models have the price of as high as 8 million. Its overall performance is great, it is spacious, comfortable, reliable and has a strong resale value. It offers a fuel economy of up to 16 km/l in the city and up to 24 km/l on the highway, as reported by several owners. With these particulars, Prius qualifies as a total package.

Suzuki Wagon R FZ Hybrid — Starting Price: Rs. 2.4 million

Korean cars like Suzuki Wagon R  FZ Hybrid are in high demand for small engines and consumption of economical fuel. It is underpowered for hill stations but is a great car for daily usage, driving in city traffic and has an amazing fuel economy of 26 km/l in the city and 30 km/l on the highway as stated by various owners. The car is compact, comfortable and well equipped and is available in Pakistan at prices ranging from Rs. 2.4 million to Rs. 3 million, which makes it one of the cheapest hybrid cars in Pakistan.

Nissan Note — Starting Price: Rs. 3 million

It is also a compact, spacious and well-equipped car which has gained popularity over the years that promises optimal fuel economy. It is a cost saving car with 1.2-liter hybrid petrol powertrain, yet powerful enough to take a small family on occasional road trips. According to owner claims, Note’s fuel average is around 16 km/l within the city and around 21 km/l on the highway. Second hand Nissan Note models start from Rs. 3 million, while freshly imported models are priced well-over Rs. 4.5 million.

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Honda Vezel — Starting Price: Rs. 3 Million

Pakistanis have developed a liking for crossover SUVs in recent times but most hybrid-powered crossovers are unfortunately are excessively costly. Honda Vezel is still the only hybrid crossover in Pakistan that combines comfort, performance, practicality, and reasonable price in one package. It is a well-equipped SUV that offers a fuel economy of around 15 km/l in the city and around 20 km/l on the highway. Vezel range from Rs. 3 million – 6 million, with newer models priced higher. However, nicer and slightly high-mileage cars can be had for around Rs. 3.8 million.

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