Scaling and Polishing: Benefits of Deep Cleaning of Teeth

If you are facing the issue of plaque build-up or discoloration of teeth, then you should immediately book a visit to your dentist for scaling and polishing treatment.

No matter how strictly you maintain your oral health routine or hygiene, there are still chances of plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth due to multiple reasons. Even if there is no such issue, you should plan visit to your dentist once every year to know about your oral health condition. Moreover, professional cleaning treatments like scale and polishing are very beneficial in many different ways.

What is the Scale and Polishing of Teeth?

As mentioned above, no matter how particular you are about your oral health and how well you have maintained a hygienic oral routine, plaque, and tartar are such predictable problems in our lives. This condition not only makes your teeth look ugly, but they also have a very negative impact on your overall personality as well.

Let us tell you in detail what are these methods and how they are helpful in maintaining your oral health and hygiene.


The process of removing plaque, tartar, and other debris built over time, from your teeth is called scaling. This process is done by a professional dentist in a clinical setting.

The dentist scrapes the build-up of all the tartar etc from your teeth. This process is painless and easily done. Therefore, you should not deny the need for this treatment if your dentist or hygienist has recommended you scaling because the plaque and tartar build-up can only be removed through this process.

This process also helps to reduce the risks of gum diseases and tooth decay. However, it is important to note scaling is not a treatment for dental diseases. It is like a preventive measure to save you from different diseases.


Tooth polishing is another procedure to make your teeth’ enamel look shinier and brighter than ever. Many dentists recommend their patients have this treatment as a part of their general dental cleaning routine.

Polishing is especially done after scaling. In the scaling process, the Dentist will scrape plaque from your teeth. Therefore, the teeth’ enamel will become rough. Polishing is then done to make it glossy and smooth again.

Importance of Scale and Polishing Treatments

Scaling and polishing treatments are like preventive treatments for saving your teeth from decay and other gum diseases. We have already mentioned that they are not used as a treatment for any dental disease. However, you cannot deny the importance of both these treatments.

They are important for making your teeth clean and look shiny. They help you to gain back your smile which you lost due to plaque, tartar, and discoloration of your teeth. They are recommended by dentists as part of your general dental cleaning and hygiene routine.

Benefits of Scale and Polishing

We have created a list of benefits of scale and polish treatments related to dental hygiene and health. Read the below text for more information and understanding of both these treatments.

Get Rid of the Bad Breath

Bad breath could be a source of shame for you whenever you are in gatherings or around people. The only way to get rid of this disgusting condition is to maintain good oral hygiene.

We know that bad breath is the result of residing bacteria in our teeth and gums. These residing bacteria lead to tartar and plaque build-up. These bacteria can be reduced gradually through scaling polishing treatments.

In scaling treatment, ultrasonic scalers use ultrasound to remove plaque and calculus deposits from your teeth. When teeth become clean, bad breath will also go away.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Even if you are very particular about your dental cleanliness, there is still a chance of tartar and plaque build-up on your teeth over the passing years. When the tartar hardens it becomes plaque. This plaque when not removed or cleaned through proper treatments, can result in gum diseases and consequently tooth loss or tooth decay.

When you go through scaling and polishing treatments by your dentist or hygienist, they will clean all the hardened plaque from the gum line and teeth. Resultantly, your teeth and mouth will stay fresh and bacteria-free.

Prevents and Reduces Stains

Another benefit of these treatments is that they help to clear away the black or grey stains on teeth. These stains look very bad and destroy your overall personality. You can get stains on your teeth due to multiple reasons.

Excessive use of products containing nicotine like cigarettes, cigars, beer, wine, etc results in damaging the enamel of your teeth. When the enamel is damaged, your teeth’s natural white color changes into black, grey, or brown stains.

Stained teeth can be treated through scaling and polishing. These treatments not only help to remove stains but also help to prevent them.

Overall Health Improvement

Cleaning treatments like scaling and polishing is not only for cleaning. When you visit the dentist for these treatments, he will also check your overall dental health. In this way, any hidden issues will be highlighted if there are any and you will get them treated as well.

Sometimes, hidden dental issues lead to general health issues as well. However, we do not realize that the actual cause could be some dental or gum disease.

Summing Up

Dentists all around the world recommend that you should visit your dentist for cleaning and checkup purposes at least once a year. In this way, you will be able to maintain good dental health and hygiene and your hidden dental issues will also be highlighted and treated.

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