Why Turkey Has Changed Its Name?

United Nations has agreed to change the name of Turkey into ‘Turkiye’. President Erdogon started the campaign for changing the name last year. Turkey’s cosmopolitan capital has requested all other countries and all other respective departments to use this new name ‘Turkiye’.

Stephen Jerk, a representative of United Nations has stated that the changed name of Turkey as ‘Turkiye’ is in effect at once. He told that the application for changing the name was received on Wednesday where it was asked to change the name in all official records. He delared that secretary general Antonio Gotrish received an application from foreign minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu after which the new name as “Turkiye” was registered. He added that changing the name will provide brand value to our country and this campaign was started by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

For past many years Turkey has been trying to carry out the branding of ther various products as ‘made in turkey’ or ‘made in Turkiye’ but last year President Erdogon ordered to use the word Turkiye for business marketing and branding. Although more than half of the population of Turkey already uses the word ‘Turkiye’ but still the word ‘Turkey’  in English was more common and famous around the world. President Erdogon explained that this word ‘turkiye’ represents our nation, culture and discipline whereas the word ‘Turkey’ in one of the dictionaries is also written as foolish or fool.

United Nations has many times agreed to change the names of many countries earlier as well. 

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