Health Experts Fear the Sixth Wave of Covid-19

The question that we cannot now-a-days is that “are we in the middle of sixth wave?” The cases are really rising in number day by day, although total number is really small. Still the real question here is that how to address this situation timely and what steps the government must take on time along with measures people should adopt before this situation gets out of hands.

The health experts on Tuesday warned that the surge in new infections may turn into the sixth wave of the pandemic. On Tuesday, June 28, Pakistan had a total of 333 confirmed cases in the last 24 hours while in the previous week, on Tuesday, June 21, the same number was 113, that is, cases had increased three folds in one week. On Tuesday, June 14, however, the new cases over the last 24 hours were a mere 54. In past two weeks the number of cases increased more than six times in Pakistan.

Dr Faisal Mahmood, an associate professor of infectious diseases at the Aga Khan University, told Geo.tv that the spike is likely due to a combination of factors, including “the introduction of the new variant BA.4 and BA.5, which can cause reinfections, increased travel — especially to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and Turkey for vacations — as well as the fact that six months have passed since the last booster, and that people have stopped wearing masks.”

Fortunately however, a developing number of cases has not implied more hospitalizations, basically not up to this point. There is by and large a slack of a little while in hospitalization development following the growth in the quantity of cases. Yet, this was when there were not many or no vaccination. More than 85 per cent of the population of Pakistan is fully vaccinated with two doses while 21.7 million have received a booster dose. These are impressive numbers, especially when all the vaccines had to be imported. The former PTI government deserves all the appreciation for these measures.

Allow me rapidly to add however that no immunization gives 100pc insusceptibility. Individuals who were vaccinated despite everything still get infected. However, it is likewise a fact that the contamination for the most part stays gentle and doesn’t progress to direct or difficult sickness. Vaccination is fundamentally significant yet not an ideal boundary against the contamination. Having vigilant National Command and Operation Centre now more firmly established in the National Institute of Health, Pakistan is generally in a good state of preparedness to deal with the next waves of Covid-19. This should not mean carelessness though as there is still a lot to worry about.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing has definitely gone down in Pakistan and our sickness observation framework needs y more strengthening. There are numerous variables for the decrease in testing: individuals disregarding gentle side effects, the excessive cost of tests, home testing not being accounted for in the national data, the government not giving sufficient consideration to testing, and so on. With the developing number of cases, this carless attitude must change.

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People should start taking matters seriously now. Avoid unnecessary mingling indoors, ensure fresh air by keeping the windows open, start wearing a mask in closed places where people have to sit close to one another, complete your vaccination course of two doses if you haven’t as yet and get your boosters if you haven’t. It is time to be alert please! Stay safe.

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