How to Organize Small Kitchens

The kitchen is the favorite place of home for many women. They love to maintain and organize their kitchen. Some say that they are the boss of the kitchen and some say that they are kitchen queens. But for some women kitchen is the least favorite place. So it depends on the choice and interest of the women. But as the kitchen is the part of the house so one should keep it organized according to their ease. The kitchen has loads of things like utensils, cookware, jars, appliances, crockery, etc. which require space but nowadays many houses and apartments are not spacious so they have a small kitchen, and organizing them is a great task. So here we are sharing some tips which would help you to organize your small kitchen.

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How to Organize Small Kitchens

  • Use Your Wall Space: never ignore the vacant wall space. When it comes to arranging storage in a small kitchen, it is essential to look at the vacant walls. From hanging magnetic bars for knives and other utensils to metal rods for holding baskets of fruit and vegetable, your wall space can work on that time too when you’re struggling to find storage in a small kitchen.
  • Organize your drawers and cabinet: The more organized your drawers and kitchen cabinet, the more things you can accommodate in them and not on your countertops. Invest in drawer and cabinet dividers to make the most of your small space and organize in a better way.
  • Install a wire rack: Don’t waste your cabinet space with your pots, pans, and cooking utensils. In instead, install a wire rack above your sink or stove to hang these items. This will give a good look to your kitchen.
  • Use your fridge top place: Assembling baskets or bins on top of your fridge is a good idea to increase storage. You can use them to store breakfast essential, dry goods, or fresh fruit. Because they’re high up there, and you may require stool too for easy access if your fridge is tall.
  • Install hooks: No space for your mugs, cups, or kitchen towel? No issue. Just install some hooks under shelves and hang up your mugs, cups, and towel. You’ll get up some cabinet space, and have easy access when you need those.
  • Use your oven: you are not going to use an oven regularly so you can keep your baking utensils inside the oven and when you need an oven just remove the stuff use then clean and again keep that stuff inside the oven.
  • Remove plastic bags: You know how much groceries come in plastic bags? It’s good that they are reusable, but they sometimes get so difficult to store. So you can simply keep your cupboards organized by getting free of those bags and transferring your foodstuff to containers and respective jars.

Now when you’ve thoroughly organized your small kitchen, make sure it remains the same. Most of us don’t have enough time to organize and clean everything on a weekly or monthly basis but try to maintain the area and keep wastage out of the kitchen before they get out of control. It’s incredible how much easier it is to keep your kitchen organize when you’ve done the initial work of space planning and organization. If it’s hard to stay organized after following these tips, then may your kitchen need something extra like redesigning or reconstructing or you may need to discard some of the things which are taking up your space. Always remember the key is to designate a specific place for things and always put them there. De-clutter and maintain. Every time you mess up instantly cleanup.

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