‘Ms Marvel’ starring Samina Ahmed as Kamala Khan’s Nani

Fans are excited for Pakistani-Muslim superhero in a Marvel series. The miniseries ‘Ms Marvel’ stars several Pakistani hotshots such as, Nimra Bucha, FawadKhan, Mehwish Hayat and Samina Ahmed and fans are eagerly waiting to find out what character their favourite actors are playing in this series.  There had been glimpses of Ahmed and Bucha in the series but now the wait is almost over with atleast one character uncovered.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, an Oscar-winning filmmaker, who helmed the first two episodes of this miniseries shared on instagram a clip that introduces Ahmed’s character as Kamala (Iman Vellani’s) maternal grandmother (nani). The clip begins with 16 year old video calling her nani, asking her to keep phone away from her face, which we all can relate too well in desi households. Nani then asks Kamala bout the gift she had sent her, to which confused Kamala questions about the golden bangle in her hand, which would make her Ms Marvel. She is confused about the ‘weird’ things this bangle is making her do, Kamala asks nani about its origin. “it belonged to my mother, Ayesha,” replies nani in the clip. “The one who disappeared during the partition, my great grandmother, Ayesha?” asks Kamala.

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However, before kamala could ask any more questions, she hears a knock on the door by her dad. The snippet ends with Kamala pointing to the door and the door close on its own with a push from the spark. This world of magic has thus begun in Ms Marvel and we can’t wait to watch it in cinemas soon and hoping to see other characters soon as well.

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