Mor Chaal Airs on as The First Digital Only Launched Drama in Pakistan

Mor Chaal Airs on as The First Digital Only Launched Drama in Pakistan

Pakistan’s leading OTT platform,in partnership with, Dot Republic Media, proudly introduces a drama series, “Mor Chaal,” marking a transformative moment in the Pakistani entertainment landscape. This 40-episode series marks a paradigm shift, as it becomes the first-ever full-length drama released exclusively on digital platforms, without the conventional support of a mainstream broadcaster.

​​”Mor Chaal” is more than just a drama; it’s an unfiltered and raw portrayal of the societal issues that define our times. The series fearlessly delves into themes that have long been left unexplored. The director, Dilawar Malik, and accomplished writer K Rehman join forces in the drama series. Dilawar Malik is an acclaimed director known for culturally rooted television series like “Inteha e Ishq”, “Landa Bazar”, “Boota from Toba Tek Singh” and “Laal Ishq.” K Rehman, known for projects like “Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarha” and “Lock Down,” brings his distinct narrative style to the project.

“Mor Chaal” delves into the intricate lives of its characters, against the backdrop of societal challenges. Mansha Pasha takes the lead as Maheen, a dedicated lawyer and social worker fervently advocating for women’s rights. Aagha Ali portrays Asher Abraham, a charismatic writer grappling with a dual personality. Srha Asghar adds depth to the series as Aroosa, a young woman from modest origins faces a precarious situation. Versatile actor Ali Josh lends his talents to the role of the corrupt son of an influential religious figure.

“Mor Chaal” artfully tackles themes of women’s rights, social and economic disenfranchisement, harassment, and the abuse of power. It sensitively explores the impact of these issues on innocent lives while reflecting the deeper challenges faced by society.

Mor Chaal Airs on as The First Digital Only Launched Drama in Pakistan

Crafted by a talented team, “Mor Chaal” is a testament to’s vision to bring the best of web tv to the people of Pakistan and  Dot Republic Media’s commitment to thought-provoking storytelling. ​​ is Pakistan’s leading OTT platform hosting the best of films and drama from Pakistan. While Dot Republic Media is one of the biggest content aggregators and distributors in the region with global distribution on more than 130 Networks in 240 countries. DRM aims to bolster Pakistan’s cultural economy through exports and forge international partnerships for co-productions and investments.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of ‘Mor Chaal,’ Pakistan’s first-ever long-format drama series to be released exclusively on digital platforms, bypassing traditional broadcasting channels. Available in four languages—Urdu, Spanish, Persian, and English—this series embodies our commitment to breaking barriers and amplifying the reach of Pakistani content on a global scale. Jointly and Dot Republic Media, believe in the power of cultural economy. The status quo of Pakistan’s drama industry, dominated by broadcasters, has been limiting and counterproductive for inclusive growth. Our vision with ‘Mor Chaal’ is to disrupt these norms, opening up untapped avenues for content creators and extending the footprint of our rich storytelling traditions to new markets and audiences worldwide. This is a watershed moment, not just for us, but for the entire Pakistani entertainment landscape.”

— Muhammad Adnan Butt, CEO, Dot Republic Media

 Mor Chaal is set to debut on Pakistan’s leading OTT platform on 31st August. It exemplifies our dedication to stories that transcend boundaries, resonating with audiences worldwide. These are the stories that travel, unite, and spark a global conversation!

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