Mav Kang’s Diverse Skillset Makes Him a Rising Star in the Entertainment Industry

Maverick Kang, also known as Mav Kang, is a successful stunt actor and musician. He has had notable roles in Netflix series such as “True Love” and “Operation Blood Hunt,” and has also worked as a stunt actor in various film and television projects including “RRR,” “The Meg 2,” and “Finding Ohana.” In addition to his acting career, Mav Kang has also appeared in commercials for brands such as Toyota, Yamaha, Oppo, Nestle, and Huawei.

Mav Kang has always had a passion for music and has pursued it alongside his acting career. He has experience in adventure sports such as skydiving, motocross, and scuba diving, and has trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He moved to Bangkok, Thailand to pursue acting and modelling, and has since achieved great success in the film industry with roles in projects such as “RRR.”

In 2022, Mav Kang’s fans are excited to see what he will release next and continue to watch his rise in the music industry. Mav Kang credits his success to his upbringing and his dedication to his craft, and hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams and stay true to themselves.


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