Advance Eid Ul Adha Preparations

Eid ul adha is the festival which is widely celebrated by Muslims around the globe. It is the second most important festival. It marks at the end of Pilgrimage to Makkah. This Eid is also known as the Eid of sacrifice because of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s) devotion for Allah

 But for most of us this Eid is all about “meat & eat” the general perception mostly ignore the importance of holy event .Mostly preparations moves around the slaughter animal and not on other ways which is remembering poor and needy people in the holy festival. So in this discussion we are going to discuss preparations people do according to their feasibility and ease.  In household we can find different types of people doing different preparation for the Eid. Firstly will discuss about younger ones, the most excited and desperate for animals because they love to do care of them and plays with them and some also like to show off their animal in their surroundings. So, they start preparing before the arrival of animal which includes finding right place for them which safe them from sunlight and monsoon rain and give proper shelter to them. Collection of containers for food and water will also count in young ones preparations. If we talk about elder males, they prepare their budget for buying animals and things needed for them and visit cattle farms for buying animal. Now the most important preparations which women  do for the festival are deep cleaning of houses and freezers, buying new crockery or cleaning of available crockeries for hosting feast . Some people change the setting of their house and some buys new decoration stuffs for the house, women start making their eid feast menu in advance some of them also make  side items earlier whose shelf life are long as by doing this they can save their time and also save them from last minute hustle. People have to invite guest days prior to eid so without any glitch eid feast can be done. Grocery shopping is the key factor of preparations because women have to lots of thing for their menu and many women have to do all in budget. Those who have to host BBQ parties they have to prepare in advance accordingly which includes arranging place and essential items for BBQ. These preparations are for house and feast now buying of clothes and other essentials for themselves are also the part of their preparations, in this eid mostly women prefer to wear light weight dresses because they have to do loads of work.

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 If we see in general list of festival preparations are never ending but by preparing smartly and in advance can reduce the burden. Above mention preparations are for ourselves but on the holy festival we have to remember poor and needy ones in our preparations too especially our relatives who are being neglected by us we have to invite them on our feast, we have to send them meat and also ask them for our help in their needs because helping and remembering each other’s in the occasions are consider as the true colors of festivals. May Allah bring prosperity and barakah in our life through holy festival. Happy Eid to all in advance.

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