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How to Improve Your Confidence and Speak in Public

Confidence is a great virtue. To be confident is an art and not everyone is an artist but with some improvement you can be an artist. Confidence is not something you can learn by heart and perform well; it’s about positivity of mind, practice, knowledge, hard work and talking with different people at different places in the way which can improve your confidence. Confidence starts with the acceptance of yourself, your body and your mind and believing in yourself, skills or knowledge. If you are not confident it would be difficult for you to speak in public or interact with people and it’s not good for your personal growth. Nowadays people love to interact or work with confident people, if you are not confident, you may have to suffer so why not save yourself from suffering. It’s not too late to learn anything so bring some positive change in yourself which will boost your confidence and also help you to speak in public, so here all few tips

  • Practice: we all know that nobody can become an expert in one day, it’s all about practice and there is a famous saying that “practice makes perfect” so practice, you cannot be a confident speaker without practice.
  •  Know and Engage Your Listeners: first learn who your audience is, then try to engage them. This makes you feel less nervous and involve everyone in your message.
  •  Focus on Your Body Language: your body language will give your audience an idea about your inner state. If you are nervous you won’t be able to speak words in flow and audience will soon know so, just stands straight, take deep breath, and make eye contact and smile. Don’t be too frank or don’t be too shy just focus on yourself and work.
  • Positive Thinking: think positive, it can make big difference in success of your speaking; it helps you to feel more confident and it’s your confidence and thinking which brings positive energy in you while speaking.
  • Speak Properly: check your speaking pace that how you are speaking if too fast, no one would be able to understand what you were saying or too slow that your audience feel sleepy and think that you don’t have command or confidence in speaking so speak in the way that everyone would understand and enjoy your speech.
  • Command on Topic: do research beforehand and try to gain complete knowledge on your topic that if anyone asked you would be able to reply. 
  • Makes Bullets: never road learn what you want to speak or never just read from paper or slides make bullets instead, they help to speak in continuity without missing any point.
  • Don’t Lose Hope: if you were not able to make it successful anytime don’t be worried it’s not your last try to be more confident. Focus on yourself and learn from your mistakes and never miss any opportunity of learning or improvement.

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You would be surprise after sometime, that how much you achieved just by your confidence and little practice with hard work so stand up and speak. It’s worthy to make your voice heard but remember that there is a thin line between confidence and over confidence so never cross the line and become over confident. Just be humble with yourself and others, learn with time don’t fear about failure. Just move forward with positive energy and confidence.

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