Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Launched in Pakistan with Early Bird Discount

Xiaomi is now launching the latest version of the Xiaomi band. The high tech band consists of multiple features but the feature that significantly differentiates it from the other versions is that it is specifically carved out for a fitness cognoscente. The band includes 110+ sports modes which means that it offers both; accuracy and precision for all individuals.

Xiaomi Smart band now comes with 3 unique training functions that expand its credibility and allows the user to excel in their fitness routine. Furthermore, the band comes with a substantial display which grants ease to the eye. The portable AI device monitors an individual 24/7 which gives you unambiguous interpretations in your weekly fitness report.

Moreover, coming towards the variety, Xiaomi went above and beyond to prove that a Smart Band can divide hassle for its users. The Smart Band comes with 100+ custom designs, an impeccable battery time of 14 days and the ability to remain waterproof.  Xiaomi concludes the watch with these incredible features. Furthermore, the opening sales for the  Xiaomi band 7 is going to be on the 4th of July,  2022.  It’s market price is 8,500/- however,  after an  early bird discount the price is 8,000/-

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