Pakistan’s Kitchen with Amna Featured in Top 5 Inspiring Female YouTubers

When it comes to having uncomfortable discussions, women are leading the way. They’re sharing their knowledge and paving the way for others. YouTube believes that everyone should have a platform to express themselves. They wish to assist creatives express themselves in a way that is unique to them. As a result, they want to shift people’s views on what they can do, regardless of their background.

Whether it’s extending the role of women in traditionally male-dominated hobbies, enhancing accessibility to hard issues, or ensuring that their voices stand out from the throng, these five inspiring women have broken new ground to inspire their audiences.

Kitchen with Amna (Pakistan) My name is Amna, and I run a cooking and recipe-sharing channel on YouTube called “Kitchen with Amna.” To date, my channel has amassed over 4 million subscribers, but it wasn’t always that way. All I had was a camera and a few basic cooking tools. But I didn’t give up on my dream–I didn’t give up hope, and I didn’t stop working. Before I launched my YouTube channel, no one knew who I was. Since then, everything in my life has changed. There are now individuals who show me respect everywhere I go and it makes me so happy when they share their favourite dishes from my channel with me!

Engineering with Rosie (Australia) It has taken me approximately 20 years of working with renewable and clean energy technologies to become a mechanical engineer with a PhD in mechanical engineering. Currently, I manage a small consulting firm that specialises in creating and explaining these new technologies to potential investors. So when I was laid off during a flu epidemic, I decided to make a film of all the wind turbines in Denmark that I had seen. Because of the positive response, I decided to continue.

Modern Day Princess Mononoke (Japan) In 2018, I was involved in an accident that resulted in me being paralysed from the upper abdomen down. The only people I had ever seen in wheelchairs were the elderly before my accident. The first thing I did after my car accident was to try and find out more about it, but there wasn’t much out there. When I learned that the same spinal cord injury affects 5,000 individuals in Japan each year, I decided to start developing material for other wheelchair users who share my experience. The challenges faced by wheelchair users are various. Despite the fact that many of us live on our own, some of us may struggle to retain a good mindset. I started my YouTube channel to encourage others to be who they are and enjoy life, while also passing on the things I’ve learnt.

CA Rachana Phadke Ranade (India) Ranade, Rachana. I’m a chartered accountant, and my name is Rachana. As a teacher, I’ve always had a passion for it because of the positive influence it has on the lives of those I work with. After a student requested that I publish a lecture on the stock market fundamentals, it became a viral sensation. As soon as I noticed how much attention it was gaining, I decided to keep continuing, and I’ve been on an incredible trip ever since. I’ve been able to keep my inner teacher alive via my YouTube video creation. In order to get to know my audience, I utilise polls and surveys under the Community tab. Financial literacy in India should be improved by making it easy for individuals to comprehend this subject.

zbing z. (Thailand) My channel features games, travel, food reviews, and cats–all in one place! I give my followers the chance to see different aspects of my life. When it comes to games, I love to assume the role of a character fully. I always try to present my videos as if the viewer is watching a movie with their friends or family. I play everything, from online games like Roblox and Dota2 to Final Fantasy VII Remake. Although my content is really diverse, horror games are my favorite. I’m always imagining how my audience might react whenever I create content.

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