Pakistan’s Finance Minister Reassures Public on Economic Health, Calls for Unity

Pakistan’s Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar, has sought to allay concerns about the country’s economic stability, stating that it will not default on its debts despite claims from opposition parties to the contrary. Speaking at a ceremony in Islamabad on Wednesday, Dar emphasized the importance of the Stock Exchange and Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan in driving economic growth, and indicated that the government is focused on improving their functioning. He also explained that import restrictions are in place to safeguard the economy, with essential items such as medicine and edible oil given priority in the import process.

Dar called on political parties to set aside their differences and work together for the development of the country, rather than using economic issues for petty political gain. He urged all parties to adopt a “serious attitude” and avoid actions that could potentially harm the economy. The Finance Minister’s comments come amid growing concern about Pakistan’s economic health, with some speculating that the country could be headed for a financial crisis. Dar’s reassurances will likely be welcomed by the public and investors, who will be looking for signs of stability and prosperity in the coming months.


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