Pakistan Tobacco Company Champions Supplier-Led Innovations with Launch of ‘Be Supplier Program’

Pakistan Tobacco Company Limited (PTC) launched its flagship Be Supplier Program, on Thursday in a bid to accelerate its sustainability agenda through supplier-led innovations. The company also launched its first ‘Environment, Social and Governance Report’ which demonstrates its commitment to sustainable business practices.

The ‘Be Supplier for A Better Tomorrow Together’ Conference was attended by multiple cross industry participants who showcased advances in the fields of sustainable packaging and merchandising, agriculture, consumer immersion & artificial intelligence by more than 20 suppliers from across the country.

This conference also encouraged discussions about the challenges suppliers are facing along with the progress they are making. It also served as a learning ground for new entrants on how they are innovating traditional practices. Platforms such as these highlight the importance of working towards a truly sustainable ecosystem and a supportive environment for suppliers and businesses alike.

The ESG Report which was launched exhibited PTC’s commitment to sustainable business practices, and the steps the Company is taking to minimize its environmental footprint, promote social responsibility, and uphold ethical standards. The report showcases how PTC is performing against its key goals and targets in the three fields.

On the environment front PTC is leading its carbon neutrality agenda through efficient use of renewable energy sources. Its manufacturing complexes are AWS certified and the Company continues to reduce its waste to landfill through extensive efforts. In delivering a positive social impact, more than 24% of the Company’s female talent are in management roles. Lastly, the Company is also the largest excise contributor to the country’s national exchequer.

Whilst speaking at the event BAT Group Head for Procurement, Strategy and Sustainability, John O’Reilly talked at length about the need for concerted top-down efforts to create a constructive culture in approaching sustainable issues and practices across operations. Efforts such as these ensure the right steps are taken to create A Better Tomorrow.

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