How to navigate the world during an economic meltdown?

I just heard the news that AirLift has been shut down and that all the staff has been let go due to the financial crisis. One thing that is important to mention here is that it is not unique to Pakistan, we are seeing startups in the other countries go through a similar obstacles.

However, what defines us is how choose to respond to what hits us in life that we think is adversity and now is not the time to question, critique and criticize rather respond with appreciation, kindness and reaffirm our faith that, despite the timely setbacks, entrepreneurs and startups are the biggest drivers of innovation as they push us beyond our imaginations and challenge us to think big.

My hyperoptimism might sound hollow to those who are unfortunate victims of the circumstances but I know that every adversity breeds a new opportunity.

I have utmost respect for the founders of AirLift and people working there. I have been lucky at Google to work with the company as their growth manager and while I am feeling pain for those who lost their jobs I am standing firm in my resolve that Pakistan needs innovation & entrepreneurship more than ever.

I know many young people out there are shadowed by doubts whether to chase the startup dream or build a life of stability and here are some of my reflections on how to navigate these uncertain times.

Do what’s right for you

There is no playbook for life and work. There is no set formula. If you still want to chase the startup dream – go build a company. If you want stability – go find a job. No one will judge you for what you do because they can never live your reality so you must always do what’s right for you based on your circumstances and then own your path as a responsible adult.

Choose to communicate with kindness

The only way to overcome the fear of unkindness is to fill your heart with love and kindness. If you need help, ask for help from your peers and if you are in a position of privilege, reach out to your friends/peer and offer to help in these tough times. Offering to help or asking for help will unlock a whole new emotional dimension for you as a human as well as new opportunities.

Become the pilot of your time machine

They say “the bad news is time flies. The good news is that you’re the pilot”. There is so much that is not in our hands, things like the stock market, the macroeconomic factors, global politics etc but there is so much that we still control. Our attitude, our behavior, our hard work, our passion – just focus on what’s in your hand and do your best in the present, worry less about the future and let the world do its magic.

I would be happy to connect on DMs with anyone who wants to chat on topics related to career, work etc. I don’t know myself if I will survive the economic meltdown myself or not but what I do know for sure that I will have a loving community around me who choose to lead with kindness forever.

– The article was originally posted by Saad Hamid on Linkedin

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