Breaking Down the Hurdles: Pakistani Expats Share Challenges of Investing in Pakistan

Investing in Pakistan can be a daunting task for Pakistani expats living abroad, despite the fact that they have a deep attachment to their homeland. In the ProPakistani latest podcast, titled “Why Pakistani’s Abroad Struggle To Invest In Pakistan?”, the guest speaker, Tanweer Ahmed, delve into the reasons behind the struggles faced by Pakistani expats in investing in Pakistan.

Tanweer Ahmed, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the seventh-largest franchisee with around 360 restaurants in the United States includes KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Huts, believes that investing in Pakistan can be challenging.

According to him, while many people are interested in investing in Pakistan, the real challenge is how to help Pakistan and its poor and needy people. Although entrepreneurs and businesspeople want to invest, the hurdles they face can make the task of investing in Pakistan seem insurmountable.

One of the primary challenges that investors face is the authenticity of sellers and government ownership of land. Another obstacle is the complicated procedures and lengthy processes involved in investment in Pakistan. Despite these issues, Tanweer Ahmed is optimistic about investing in Pakistan, and he believes that it is possible to make a positive impact.

Tanweer Ahmed is also actively involved in the development of sports in Pakistan. He is on the board of the US Cricket League and is the co-owner of the Texas team. Ahmed is confident that the US Cricket League will become the number one league in the world after the IPL, and he plans to exercise his first round of refusals to own 100% of the team when the league expands from six to eight teams.

Finally, when it comes to Pakistani expats investing in Pakistan, Tanweer Ahmed believes that charity should not be the only option. While charity can be helpful, it should not be the primary focus. Instead, Pakistani expats should look to invest in businesses and create sustainable opportunities that will benefit Pakistan’s economy in the long run.

In conclusion, Pakistani expats living abroad face numerous challenges when it comes to investing in Pakistan. However, despite these challenges, it is possible to make a positive impact on Pakistan’s economy by investing in businesses and creating sustainable opportunities. Tanweer Ahmed’s success in the US franchise industry and his involvement in the development of sports in Pakistan is an inspiration for other Pakistani expats looking to invest in their homeland.

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