How to Get Rid From Cell Phone Addiction

Martin Cooper provided us the opportunity to carry a gadget with us that allowed us for quick communication rather than being tied to a landline that required a direct connection or even operator control. Phones are an effective means of communication, as well as for sending and receiving information. People can use their cellphones to store music, communicate with friends and family, and play games, access the internet, and so much more. Cell phones can be extremely useful in any emergency, but they can also be challenging if they are used recklessly. Due to their ease, up-to-date features, and ability to interface with social media, tempting apps, online games, camera and many more tempting features. We can simply say that phones are a small world which human beings carry on their palms. But we all know that excess use of anything can become a damaging addiction.

Cell phone addiction is real, and it’s getting out of hands. We’re spending more and more time on our phones, from continuous scrolling on social media to gaming and unnecessary chatting. Our phone addiction can have a variety of consequences in our life, ranging from the quality of sleep we get at night to the amount of hours we spend being productive throughout the day. It’s critical to understand all of these effects in order to determine how much phone time is healthy for you. Every addiction needs to be treated and controlled at right time otherwise it would create difficulty in life.

Get Rid From Cell Phone Addiction

So here are a few ways to get control on your screen time and limit your addiction to cell phone:

No More Phones in Bed

Because your phone is close to your bed, you are more likely to check it before going to bed or as soon as you wake up. So putting your phone away will not only help you become less addicted to it, but it will also help you fall asleep faster and wake up fresh.

Mobile Free Time

Set some hours or time in which you avoid using phone. Especially while having food with family or in family gathering or when you are with your children. This easy way will reduce the trouble and you’ll see how quickly you become less addicted to your phone.

Keep Your Phone Away

If you keep your phone with yourself all the time. You are likely to check it again and again so keep your phone away. This will help in getting a hold of your cell phone addiction.

Develop New Habits

If you feel boredom and you want to kill time, instead of wasting time on phone develop good habits like reading, planting and baking etc. Try to avoid phone as much as possible.

Change Your Perception

Change you’re perception that use of phone will refresh your mind and emotions or the perception that your life is incomplete without cellphone. Think of others ways to freshen up your mood and day.

Get Real Meet Ups

Instead of talking to people on social media or having online friendships with anonymous people; meet people in real, face to face and spend quality time with them or find good company in your surroundings.

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Keep in mind that you tend to have addictions, when you are experiencing difficulties in your life or you don’t have anything happening in your life. You are less likely to be addicted if you live a filled life and have effective skills to deal with problems such as communication with your loved ones. As a result, the long-term solution of becoming less addicted to your phone has nothing to do with the phone itself. It’s more about shifting your priorities and devoting more time to the people in your life.

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