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Muzz App Redefines Matchmaking with Empowering ‘MeriBhiSunLo Campaign’

For generations, the rishta culture in Pakistan has dictated how love and marriage are pursued, often leading to stress, superficial judgments, and unmet emotional needs. The traditional rishta culture in Pakistan, while cherished by many, can sometimes feel restrictive. Family involvement is key, which is wonderful for honouring tradition and our religious values. But it can also lead to a situation where singles themselves have little say in who they meet. A woman might be judged primarily on her looks and family background, while a man’s career and earning potential take center-stage. But a revolution is underway.

The newest player in the marriage-app market, Muzz, which is muslim marriage app, has taken a bold step to highlight this issue with a powerful message and campaign. Their #MeriBhiSunLo campaign empowers men and women to take control of their rishta process and throws away the dusty script of traditional rishta meetings.

It portrays a scene all too familiar in Pakistani households: a young woman stands passively while a critical Rishta Aunty dissects her appearance for a room full of judgmental eyes. But then, the woman breaks the mold. In a defiant but empowering moment, she wonders when someone will ask her what she wants too – “#MeriBhiSunLo”. This simple phrase shatters the one-sided power dynamic, demanding that her voice, her desires, and her personality be valued as much as her outward appearance.

Muzz’s commercial masterfully exposes this blind spot, reminding us that love is a two-way street, and a successful marriage requires a foundation built on mutual understanding, not just societal checklists. It poignantly highlights the importance of choice and individuality in a system that has often reduced people to mere pawns in a societal game. Muzz’s message is clear: finding a life partner shouldn’t be a passive experience, and everyone deserves a voice in shaping their own happily ever after. The commercial ends with a final line that encapsulates the gist of the brand’s messaging “Aap ka rishta, aap ke haath mein” delivered by the veteran actor, Salman Shahid.

The Muzz app allows you to curate your profile, highlighting your passions, interests, and what truly makes you shine. They understand the importance of Islamic values in Pakistani marriages and have focused on incorporating features that promote respect and propriety throughout.

So, is Muzz the answer to the challenges of Pakistani rishta culture? Whether it’s the end of traditional matchmakers or simply a sign of evolving traditions, one thing is certain: Muzz is shaking things up, and Pakistani millennials are watching with keen interest.


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