As the Market Improves, Real Estate Giants Graana.com & Agency21 Vie for the Top Spot

Amidst Pakistan’s evolving real estate landscape, two industry powerhouses, Graana.com and Agency21, continue their remarkable trajectory in the market, competing fiercely for dominance.

With the market witnessing a steady ascent, Graana.com commands the largest share in primary project sales in Pakistan, while Agency21 leads in secondary sales. In a seemingly tranquil market, the relentless efforts of these two are redefining industry norms and shattering expectations, significantly contributing to the market’s upward momentum.

Reflecting its stronghold and influence, Graana.com has boldly unveiled the largest real estate office in the region. Not to be outdone, Agency21 is blazing trails with its 30th office nationwide and 13th in the region, strategically positioned to challenge Graana.com. Shafiq Akbar, Chairman of IMARAT Group, graced both the ceremonies. Commenting on the occasion, he said, “ This grand opening marks a pivotal moment in our journey. We’re committed to setting new benchmarks and delivering unparalleled service to our esteemed clientele.”

Situated along the GT road surrounding Bahria and DHA Islamabad, the strategic proximity of these two offices in the uncontested hub of Pakistan’s real estate industry further cements their place as the market leaders. The competition between Graana.com and Agency21 epitomizes innovation and customer-centric approaches. Their relentless rivalry drives them to push boundaries, ensuring the market thrives despite prevailing sentiments, ultimately benefiting the people of the region.

“This momentous occasion marks a significant step forward for Agency 21,” commented Sharjeel Ehmer, Group Director Agency 21.  “Our expansion is not just a testament to our success but also underscores our commitment to setting new standards and delivering unmatched real estate solutions.”

Commenting on Graana’s landmark achievement, Farhan Javed, Group Director Graana.com stated, “Our new office stands as a hallmark  to our unwavering resolve, and dedication to our clients. The largest real estate office in the region is a significant milestone that marks a new chapter in our journey, one where we continue to set new standards in the real estate sector.”

It’s clear that none of them are settling for second place. Both Graana.com and Agency21 reaffirm their commitment to delivering excellence, underscoring their relentless pursuit of setting new industry standards and ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction.

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