SLB Collaborates with OGDCL on Geothermal Resource Development in Pakistan

SLB Collaborates with OGDCL on Geothermal Resource Development in Pakistan

SLB (NYSE: SLB) is collaborating with Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL), Pakistan’s largest oil and gas exploration and production company, to develop a strategy for exploiting geothermal resources in hydrocarbon fields across Pakistan.

As part of the collaboration, SLB will help OGDCL develop a plan for evaluation of the geothermal potential of 25 fields in the North, South, and Central basins in Pakistan that have been pre-selected by OGDCL. SLB experts together with the OGDCL team will assess surface, subsurface, and well data for the fields to identify focus areas and estimate their geothermal potential using regional models and well-productivity calculations.

The scope of the initial OGDCL pilot project includes screening, evaluation and selection of nine fields for detailed analysis, evaluation of geothermal potential, wellbore modeling and determination of next steps.

“OGDCL is committed to exploring innovative avenues for energy development in Pakistan, and our collaboration with SLB marks a significant step towards harnessing the country’s geothermal potential. By leveraging SLB’s expertise and technology, we aim to not only evaluate the potential of geothermal resources but also contribute to sustainable energy solutions for the nation,” said Ahmed Hayat Lak, MD/CEO of OGDCL.

“Governments across the region are seeing the potential of geothermal as an alternative clean energy source that can support their net-zero initiatives,” said Karim Badawi, SLB’s New Energy Development Director for MENA. “This geothermal pilot project study encompassing fields across the country’s three basins is an important first step in Pakistan’s journey to develop its geothermal resources and we are excited to work with OGDCL on exploring renewable, lower carbon energy sources.”

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