OIC Strongly Condemns Denigration of Prophet Muhammad by India Ruling Party

The General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation strongly condemned and opposed the recent denigration of the Prophet Muhammad by a governing party leader in India.

These instances of defamation are part of an escalating trend of Islamophobia and defamation in India, as well as systematic practices against Indian Muslims, particularly in light of a set of decisions prohibiting the use of the hijab in educational institutions in some Indian states, as well as the destruction of Muslim property and the increase in violence against them.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation urges the Indian government to take prompt action against these cases of defamation and all kinds of disrespect to the Prophet and Islam, as well as to bring those who instigate and commit violence against Muslims to justice and hold their backers responsible. It also requests that the Indian government maintain the safety, security, and well-being of Muslims in India, as well as safeguard their rights, religious and cultural identity, dignity, and places of worship.

The General Secretariat urges the international community, in particular the United Nations institutions and the special measures of the Human Rights Council, to take the necessary steps to combat practices that target Muslims in India.

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