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New Hires Terminated by Careem Days Prior To Joining Date

The rising inflation and so called “global economic recession” is coming strong on working class and many people have lost their jobs in the past month. We have been hearing and seeing news of many startups shutting down their operations including some major firms like Swvl, Truckitin, Retailo and Dawai, which has left many unemployed in this economic crisis. But Careem has figured out a completely different way to appear in the news.

A LinkedIn user narrated his story on social media platform that how the ride-hailing service terminated them days prior to their joining and this happened when the user had already put up resignation from his previous employer. According to the user they were supposed to give their joining from July 4th, 2022 and they had submitted all their   official documents with the company when all of a sudden they received an email informing them that they cannot be hired at the moment. By that time they had already handed over the resignation at previous company.

The LinkedIn author also stated that the same has happened to at least 10 new hires at the company. One more user additionally claimed in the comment section under the same post that how they were informed that the job they have applied for is presently not accessible as the company is going through a few organizational changes on the sixteenth of June. Nonetheless, Careem actually hasn’t delivered a reaction to the post.

Like many other startups, the ride-hailing company doesn’t seem to be coping well with the ongoing economic crisis. A few weeks ago the company had made an announcement regarding halting its food delivery services in Pakistan due to on-going economic scenario. The decision resulted in one segment lay off and the employees were adjusted in mobility segment, according to a Careem spokesperson.

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Numerous LinkedIn clients have communicated disturbances about this occasion and cautioned others about accepting job offers from Uber and Careem. While a ton can be said about this sad episode, we feel and express bitterness. Trouble over the declining circumstance of the startup business of Pakistan which saw gigantic development simply last year. We trust that things will improve and we will again see new open doors being delivered and subsidizing being brought up in our country.

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