New Camera Feature Introduced by Sony for Image Protection

New Camera Feature Introduced by Sony for Image Protection

Sony has included a new feature to it camera for the easement of corporate business users. This technology in cameras detects and prevent any forgery applied to the image which provides protection against the misuse of image.

This forgery-proof technology has been developed to restrict the unauthorized editing and misuse of digital data around the world which has created many misconceptions and chaos worldwide. This technology is based on standard cryptography which will safeguard the images. There is in-camera signing mode which is activated by the user for protection of the image. The processor of the camera scans the image captured by the camera cryptographically which will cancel the image signature is any pixel modification or potential fraud is detected in the image. The customer’s own certificate server will determine the alterations in the image.

Multiple industries have to face the common issue of image alteration and manipulation. To cope up with this issue, cryptographic examination ensures security and safe transmission of images. This technology is used for passports and ID verification along with the verifications in media, medical, and, law enforcement fields. This technology has assisted the construction and insurance sectors to record the mutilation safely and propose a secure base for investigation.

Yasuo Baba, Director of Digital Imaging and European Product Marketing at Sony, said, “It is Sony’s mission to strengthen business solutions with cutting-edge imagery technology and our in-camera digital signing is a real game changer for combatting image manipulation and forgery across multiple industries. Whilst appropriate adaptations for each industry need to be made, the digital signature is multilingual and can be used internationally, enabling organizations worldwide to streamline mandatory image signing with Sony technology.”

This feature and technology is accessible in the cameras of the phones beginning from the Alpha 7 IV and moving ahead. For high-speed processing and high resolution, the Alpha 7 IV combines a 33.0MP full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor with a BIONZ XR™ imaging engine. A license will be required by the users to enable Sony’s signing mode. As indicated by the company, this feature will be accessible for corporate users only. Sony will keep on analyzing how to upgrade and be more innovative for enhancing security across multiple industries by utilizing industry-leading imaging technology. Along with Alpha 7 IV, the company intends to extend the line-up of the upcoming models.

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