Mohammad Hafeez Resigns from Pakistan Cricket Technical Committee

Mohammad Hafeez Resigns from Pakistan Cricket Technical Committee

In a surprising turn of events, Mohammad Hafeez has announced his resignation from the Pakistan cricket technical committee. Hafeez, a former cricketing legend and honorary member of the committee, made this decision public in a heartfelt message, expressing his gratitude to Zaka Ashraf for the opportunity and his unwavering support for Pakistan cricket.

Resignation of Mohammad Hafeez from the Pakistan cricket technical committee comes against the backdrop of a comprehensive review of the Pakistan Men’s cricket team’s performance in the ACC Asia Cup 2023. This review meeting, held under the supervision of Chairman Management Committee Mr. Zaka Ashraf, played a pivotal role in shaping the cricketing landscape and potentially influenced Hafeez’s decision.

The meeting attended by the key figures in Pakistan cricket, including captain Babar Azam, vice-captain Shadab Khan, and former captains Misbah ul Haq and Mohammad Hafeez, gathered to scrutinize the recent performance of the national team. The head coach Grant Bradburn, batting coach Andrew Puttick, and bowling coach Morne Morkel, were also summoned to present their assessments.

Twitter Reactions on Mohammad Hafeez

  • Ehtisham Siddique (@iMShami_): “What can be the reason? All the Best Bro”
  • @_RPR1: “They Kicked you out”
  • Shadab Chauhan شاداب چوہان (@shadab_chouhan1): “Oh! So sad professor @MHafeez22 sahab i think zaka ashraf kicked you out and it’s common in your country it doesn’t matter cricketer Or prime minister”
  • Akhtar Jamal (@AkhtarActivist): “I know the reason. Best wishes Hafeez bhai”
  • Ehtisham Siddique (@iMShami_): “Probably they wanna add Muhammad Amir and Hafeez never support him. That can be the reason not sure.”
  • Satya Prakash (@Satya_Prakash08): “Pakistan cricket finished. The Ego of Babar Azam has done the job.”
  • Satya Prakash (@Satya_Prakash08): “Mohammed Hafeez resigned from Pakistan cricket board. He decided to quit from Pakistan cricket technical committee. He served as honorary member. Professor given best wishes to Pakistan cricket. Something going very wrong in Pakistan cricket.”
  • A H A D (@Xh_Sahib): “Nazar lag chuki hai #PakistanCricket”
  • The CrickFun (@TheCrickFun): “Everyday scenes from PCB”

Hafeez’s departure raises questions about the future of Pakistan cricket and the circumstances surrounding his resignation. The cricketing world will be closely following this development, hoping for clarity on the reasons behind his decision.

As fans and cricket enthusiasts, we can only express our best wishes to Mohammad Hafeez and hope that his valuable insights and contributions continue to benefit Pakistan cricket in the future.

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