Modi Bulldozes Democracy and Degrades Human Rights

All credit goes to sleeping international community, who with their deafening silence watch the spectacle of Indian Muslim localities being crushed down by bulldozers and impose punishments on professed rioters. While the long-celebrated democracy fumbles under the concrete rumble and the long arm of heavy machinery making its way ruthlessly in the chambers of alleged protestors, is the latest symbol of Hindutva India. But Modi’s dynasty which has practically retreated on all international rights, has so far curiously figured out how to evade all radars that in any case register an eat-penetrating bleep over “illiberal” moves taken by systems across the world.

Heavy equipment has been used to destroy the house of a Muslim man that the authorities of Uttar Pardesh state accuse of being involved in riots last week that broke out due to insulting comment for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) spokesperson Nurpur Sharma, in Prayagraj India and the authorities claim that the house was built illegally. The screams of a minority community are as usual muffled by barbarous suppression which so far have not penetrated the indifference of global champions of human rights or even pricked their conscience. This mocks the increased awareness of human rights in a globalized world. After the derogatory remarks, India was turned upside down last week by waves of massive protests. The uprising has since grown into a new and unpredictable snapshot of emergency that has contacted a more profound harmony of discontent.

The government swung out against all protesters with infamous tactic borrowed from Israeli occupying forces in Palestine of “illegal encroachment”. But these brutal demolitions are carried out against alleged rioters of Muslim community only. Without any proper court proceedings and grossly violate Article 17(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which has been judicially integrated into Indian constitution. The law clearly stated that no one shall be promptly deprived of his property. Similarly Article 11 of the said declaration clearly stated that a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to the law in public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.

The government critics have sounded alarms that this quick and cold treatment with the alleged rioters is dismantling the Indian republic. Amnesty’s Akbar told that BJP ruling party turn around the legality of policies for targeting Muslims and applied the method of collective punishment with the help of laws it designed for the purpose. “The illegal bulldozing is not only causing immense anguish and misery but also a veritable dismantling of the Indian republic,” the staunch critic of the Modi-led regime said.

The most striking symbol of degradation of human rights flashed across careen where Javed Mohammad’ house in Prayagraj was demolished while anchors and news channels cheered the incident with a triumphalist tone. A reporter from ABP news said that ‘This is the message for rioters’. Reporters salivated over the showy behaviors of the tear-downs and constrained expulsions. This clearly is a decline in national character of India.

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