Meta Launches Facebook Stars in Pakistan, a New Way For Creators to Make an Income

All eligible content creators in Pakistan can now use Facebook Stars, Meta’s monetization tool for content creators. This will help them to connect with their audience and build a business.

Stars, a digital product that supporters can purchase and send to support authors, will allow Pakistani content creators to easily sign up, track their earnings by content type and manage their goals. They also have access to other Stars settings. This tool is available in multiple formats, including Facebook Reels, Facebook Live and on-demand videos. It also supports photos and text posts.

“Helping creators build community and turn passions into careers is a key part our continued investment in Pakistan,” said Jordi Fornies (Meta’s Director for Emerging Markets in the Asia Pacific region). We are delighted to announce today that Facebook Stars is now open to all Pakistani creators. This will allow more people to start earning and grow their creativity, audience, and careers.

Meta introduced Reels to Pakistan earlier this year. This is a short-form, entertaining video experience that offers tools and support for creators and viewers. Reels is today the most popular content format on Meta platforms worldwide. Each day, more than 140 million Reels are played on Facebook and Instagram.

“We are encouraged by Meta’s support for local businesses in Pakistan, and the opening of new avenues for Pakistani content creators to earn meaningful, reliable income on their platforms.” We hope that the Stars program will open up new opportunities for monetization and strengthen the country’s digital economic system,” Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (foreign minister of Pakistan) said today during his visit at the Meta regional office, Singapore.

Anyone who has at least 1,000 followers on social media in Pakistan over the past 60 days and meets the following eligibility criteria can start receiving Stars from their audience.

Danish Ali, a Pakistani content creator, said that Stars launched in Pakistan. “It’s so wonderful to see Stars launch in Pakistan. It gives more creators like myself on Facebook and Reels the chance to build community, earn money and do what we love.” Stars is a great tool for creators in Pakistan. They can generate income and make deeper connections with their audience as they grow on Facebook.

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