Julliana Village

Jullianna a village located near Lahore’s most famous housing society Bahria Town and one of the biggest real estate group of the country. Many of you must be thinking that how come this village is still near Bahria Town that why it’s still not bought by them. Well, that would that have been illegal because people are living over there and one cannot create a housing scheme on a village as per law. Many of you must not be familiar with Julliana as, it is obvious that the village names are not known in public sphere unless they are some notorious reasons. Julliana is not notorious for anything but rather is a victim of miseries like any other village of Pakistan where there are lot problems related to healthcare, schooling, infrastructural development, human resource development, and no jobs opportunities. But, Julliana is not like other rural village of Pakistan, here the issues are different in nature. People do have access for job opportunities because of its location and city Lahore itself creates opportunities for the people. The schooling and healthcare is mediocre as one knows that the people living under poverty will obviously visit public hospitals and public schools and it is evident that the system of Pakistan and Punjab government itself is a question mark. It looks very peculiar when it comes to infrastructural development in the village because next to this village there is an elite society of Bahria Town and in surrounding the other places being bought and changed into new housing schemes and the commercialization of property but Julliana remains the same. According to the people, it does not matter how and where they are living but the thing that matters the most is their development by government in particular. They have been facing many issues from many years but they remain the same as the local government officers and government representative show apathy towards them.

One of the major issues is of sewerage and that is very much visible when someone visits Julliana. The open drain of Lahore which is full of industrial waste and sewerage water is a headache for them despite living in a metropolitan city. Sewerage problems are a critical issue affecting many cities and towns of developing world but this kind open drainage in a metropolitan city is something hard to believe. It is important for the government for maintaining the functioning of sewerage systems because that is essential for public health, environmental sustainability, and overall quality of life in affected areas. Unfortunately, many cities and towns face significant sewerage problems, which can have serious consequences for communities like ours is facing. One of the most common sewerage problems they face is the garbage being thrown into the drain which later on stuck in pipes and creates blockages. All this happens because of the solid waste, grease, and other debris, clog the pipes and prevent the proper flow of water and sewage. All, this blockage in the sewerage system is creating a lot predicament for the people of Julliana like sewage backups, flooding, and health hazards. There are many complains measured by qualitative research approach in the village. Moreover, the leakage is another issue which they are facing in their homes due to crack or break due to age, root invasion, and other factors. Julliana’s is sewerage issue is contaminating the soil, water sources, and even homes, and causing foul odors and other health hazards.

The most hazardous issue is drinking water which is also not safe from being contaminated through leakage in the system. People are drinking that water and getting diseases like Hepatitis, Cholera, dysentery, and typhoid primarily in children. People mostly refer this issue to the industrial waste that it is worsening the situation over here and is creating the inadequate capacity mixing up with the sewerage system through drain. We have seen drain by ourselves which was full of garbage waste. This makes us think patently that it is reason for the inadequate capacity in the system. People of julliana asserted that no waste management system visits here and they have seen any of them in years. Juliana’s sewerage system and this open drain mess is because of it has been neglected from the power circles from decades after decades. Poor maintenance is another significant sewerage problem. Sewerage systems require regular maintenance, including cleaning, inspection, and repair. Neglecting these activities can lead to system failures and health hazards.  That is the reason, which led julliana’s sewerage system towards the blockages, leaks, and other sewerage problems. One must argue that it is the hardcore local issue and why don’t people ask their representatives about this major issue, the answer is they do ask and question, but, they often hear that it will get sorted out and it has been years after years and its still pending because of their apathy.

Unfortunately, the sewerage and the clean water is a rising issue particularly acute in developing countries where the infrastructure is inadequate and resources are limited but one thing is very common in power circles that is no one thinks about the under privileged communities ,wherever, they are living. Moreover, the biggest stench in the system of Pakistan is the corruption whether on the higher levels or on the lower levels the whole society has become rotten in the pond of corruption. Whenever something goes under the project of government they are found to be malfunctioned because of the huge cuts through the grants of the tax payer’s money. The quality of products used for such projects are inadequate, let’s suppose for sewerage the pipes will be used of very low quality which will soon perish away from their working, hence, that’s the reason for such leakages and inadequate capacity. The other biggest issue is of the industrial waste flowing through the drain which is again mixing up with the water supply system and  contaminating it and no one even thinks to raise their voice up against the industrial mafia especially when someone is from a under privileged background. In developed countries, sewerage problems are often less severe, but they can still have significant consequences for communities. Aging infrastructure is a particular concern in many developed countries, as many sewer pipes are over 100 years old and in need of repair or replacement. In developed world this whole system of drainage flows underground by pipelines spread throughout the cities preventing all that air pollution. If someone visits Julliana they will get to experience the stinky atmosphere there it is literally hard to even stand near the drain. The unfortunate people of Julliana are living right next to it and they have shops, food stalls, dabbas over there. One would think that how people sit and eat over here in these dabbas or stalls, well it’s quite obvious that they are used to it and what those poor souls can do for themselves. I would say nothing but, only one thing which is being hopeful and hope is the only thing which keeps a person alive and keeps the world going so they are also going with the flow but sometime one need to go against the flow for their survival.

When the government is apathetic and merciless, especially in developing countries, then the international organizations like United Nations plunge into the matters of human development by their enormous amount of funding, technical expertise and other resources to support all sorts of development whether sewerage system, public health or education etc. These organizations work with the help of locals to look and dig into those issues but according to the people of Julliana no one has ever visited from any international organization. The local NGO’s some time visit to see issues but those issues are of other nature like and education and public health. The major reason that international organizations are not plunging into this issue is because it is located in Lahore and Lahore well known city for its planning and development, in addition, the location of Julliana is also near a posh area which also makes it less noticed.

Sewerage problems in Pakistan are a significant issue that is affecting the health and well-being of its citizens. The rapid population growth in urban areas has led to an increase in demand for sewerage facilities, and many areas lack proper sewerage systems and Julliana is facing the consequences of this extreme urbanization over the period of two decades in Lahore. Now, it has become worse as more housing societies are being made nearby it and Julliana being neglected in proper urban facilities despite being in a metropolitan city. The Julliana drain is major issue for environment sustainability because its contaminated water is being given to agricultural fields which is very unfortunate. Overall, the sewerage problems in Pakistan require urgent attention and a concerted effort from both the government and citizens to improve the situation and promote public health and environmental sustainability. In particular, the Government of Punjab needs to work on the drainage system which flows through Lahore and creating thousands of environmental and health issues for its citizens. Julliana is one of the area, which is immensely effected by this drain, creating a lot of issues for its residents. It is an urgent call to wake up and work for the wellbeing of Julliana and the people of Pakistan facing such environmental and health crisis.

– Hassan Mahmood Mazari

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