How to Start a Conversation?

Many people face difficulty in initiating a conversation with people, especially with those to who they are meeting for the first time. Whether you are trying to settle into a new place or meeting a new person, the ability to start a conversation is considered as an excellent skill for building relationship with someone. Whether you want to impress a potential client, strike up a conversation with a love interest, or just chat with a person, knowing how to initiate a conversation can help you feel more comfortable and confident in a wide variety of social situations. However, it can be difficult to find the right words or way to start a conversation.  So here are few tips to start a conversation.

  • Greeting with smile: whenever you someone, meet with a smile and use greeting words of your relevant language.
  • Ask general question: while asking question don’t give a vibe if interrogation. Always ask simple and basic question like name, education and about their day etc. types of questions vary person to person so ask accordingly.
  • Give a compliment: complimenting someone can make their day and can give them confidence and can help in starting a conversation.
  • Discuss the surrounding: to start a conversation start discussing with weather or something going on, or about the location etc.
  • Introduce yourself: introducing yourself is not suitable in every situation but can work if you start a new job or you are new in class and you want to talk to someone.
  • Do help: if you want to talk someone and you are in position to help or assist in something so, in this way you can initiate a conversation.
  • Ask for help: asking for help is another great way to start a conversation by this you get to know that either the person is interested in talking to you or not. The way of their help speaks a lot.
  • Praise their work: if someone shows their work or they have done something prominent praise them in nice words.
  • Use common ground: to start a conversation first find a common ground or to have a familiar background. When you start with what you have common, you make a quick connection which can lead to you proper conversation.
  • Show your interest: if you genuinely want to start a conversation find a topic for which they are passionate about. Remember to keep your conversation in positive and light way. 

Avoid These While Having Conversation

After all these useful tips it is advise for everyone, while starting or having conversation with someone avoid few things which can make your conversation awkward. Asking question which is too personal are not appropriate for conversation so here are some topics to avoid are listed below:

  • Salary or benefits
  • Politics
  • Religion or cast
  • Age
  • Controversies
  • Gossip

The main reason of avoiding these topics is refraining from negative aspect or avoid making someone upset.

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If your conversation has gone well and it feels obvious to exchange contact information, consider trading business cards or simply offering your email. This way, you can follow up by explaining that it was a good to meet them and that you are happy to continue the conversation as it makes sense.

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