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How Mubusher Hayat’s Visionary Leadership Drove Earthlink’s Peshawar Sales Event to Success

An entrepreneur by passion and a leader by nature – M. Mubusher Hayat is a role model for perfection, and a paragon of compassion for those striving to climb the ladder of success. The visionary with a Midas touch in real estate continues to build a lasting legacy through a series of breakthroughs, ultimately setting a benchmark of excellence and innovation.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Earthlink and the founder of its Masterbrand “The Grandé”, Mubusher Hayat possesses a strong portfolio of introducing groundbreaking projects in the market. Alongside his vision of revolutionizing the real estate sector, he wears multiple badges for his philanthropic contributions to community wellbeing. Some of his Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to highlight are Smart Street Library, Booming Pakistan, Gulzar Dastarkhwan, and Kalma Square.

“My vision for Earthlink goes beyond blueprints, and bricks and mortar. I want the company to soar high above the rest”

Mubusher Hayat, CEO Earthlink

Being known for disruptive innovation and unique initiatives such as the “Earthlink Expo 2022” and Investors Sunday” in the twin cities, Mubusher Hayat yet again introduced a game changer in real estate, the Earthlink Sales Event now in Peshawar. The event opened up a plethora of investment opportunities for the affluent population of the developed city, and a swarm of Pakhtuns and general public came to the event as a response to the creative marketing efforts throughout Peshawar, unique concept and idea, and aspiring vision of Earthlink’s CEO.

Taking into consideration the current socio-economic state of Pakistan and the uncertain situation of the real estate industry, the Peshawar Sales Event was a successful effort to, if not entirely, revive a sector on the verge of default. Special promotions were offered on Earthlink’s most luxurious residential and commercial projects, resulting in a massive influx of investments.

To promote the culture of Earthlink, an exclusive concert of the popular Pakistani band “Khumariyaan” was held on the first day of the event to make the sales event more engaging for the audience. Mubusher Hayat also appreciated the efforts of the “best digitally present real estate dealers in KPK” and rewarded them under the Booming Pakistan platform. The 2-day event concluded on a high note with satisfied investors and dealers exiting the doors, and Earthlink achieving its overarching goal.

“Our goal has always been to give back to our valued investors, and to contribute positively to the Nation. I am pleased by the enthusiastic response that we received from the people of Peshawar and hopefully, we will be able to host such successful events in the future as well.” Mubusher Hayat concluded on a positive note.