Blume Agri Ground Breaking – Descon Aims to Boost Local Economy and Global Exports

Blume Agri Ground Breaking – Descon Aims to Boost Local Economy and Global Exports

In a momentous event, Abdul Razak Dawood, the Founder of Descon, along with Faisal Dawood, Vice-Chairman of Descon, marked a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards agricultural innovation. The occasion celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony of Blume Agri, a PKR one billion pioneering venture that promises to significantly contribute to the Pakistani agriculture landscape. Mr. Zahid Hussain, CEO Rafum Group & Director Blume Agri, Mustapha Yousaf, CEO Blume Agri were Also present at the occasion.

Scheduled to commence operations in December 2023, the upcoming venture is geared to serve as a catalyst for change in the local market. During its initial two years of operation, the focus will be on catering to the local market while fostering import substitution. This strategic approach is designed to not only fulfill domestic demands but also drive self-reliance in the agricultural sector.

The Blume Agri plant envisages to be a state-of-the-art, fully automated and integrated food processing facility (dehydration of fruits, vegetables and spices) employing global best practices of the industry. The plant aims to produce high-quality dried products that cater to both local consumption and international export markets. The move towards dehydration is a pivotal step in mitigating post-harvest losses, a persistent challenge in the industry, while simultaneously contributing to Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves.

Abdul Razak Dawood emphasized, “Our commitment to the agriculture sector is unwavering. Our vision is driven by the desire to minimize post-harvest losses and harness the vast potential of the global market. We are dedicated to investing in the necessary infrastructure and knowledge to tap into these opportunities.”

Descon’s extensive investments in research and development, specialized fertilizers, micronutrients, and advanced infrastructure further underscore its dedication to the agricultural domain. The company’s proactive stance in seeking partnerships with global and local entities reflects its belief in the untapped potential of the agricultural frontier.

“The future of Pakistan’s agriculture sector holds immense promise,” stated Faisal Dawood, Vice-Chairman of Descon. “We are committed to driving growth not only at home but also in the global market. Our strategic roadmap aligns with our vision of becoming a frontrunner in the agriculture sector, championing innovation and export excellence.”

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Zahid stated, “This is a pioneering project for us and the country. We hope to contribute towards import substitution as well as boost exports significantly of agri and fruit-based items to Middle East and Europe,”

In a resounding declaration of commitment and ambition, Mustapha Yousaf, has laid out a comprehensive roadmap for the company’s journey in the agricultural sector. With a focus on local employment, import substitution, and global export, Blume Agri is set to make significant strides in shaping the future of agriculture in Pakistan.

As Descon forges ahead with its pioneering initiatives, its resolute commitment to transforming Pakistan’s agricultural landscape remains at the forefront. The forthcoming years promise to witness the realization of an export-oriented approach that signifies the company’s commitment to contributing significantly to the local economy and carving a distinct place in the international agriculture arena.

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