Zong 4G Wins Content of the Year Award for Their Independence Day 2022 Campaign at the esteemed Pakistan Digital Awards

Zong 4G, Pakistan’s leading telecommunications company, has emerged victorious once again by winning the prestigious “Content of the Year” award at the esteemed Pakistan Digital Awards. The award recognizes Zong 4G’s exceptional creativity, innovation, and outstanding execution in their remarkable campaign titled “The Notes of Chagla” released on Independence Day, 2022, as a tribute.

“The Notes of Chagla” was a one-of-its-kind campaign that captured the hearts and minds of millions across the nation. Through this remarkable initiative, Zong 4G sought to shed light on the life and achievements of an unsung hero, A.G Chagla, whose contributions have left an indelible mark on the fabric of our nation. For those who are unaware, Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chagla is revered for writing the music for our national anthem in 1949.

The campaign resonated deeply with audiences, captivating their attention through its compelling storytelling. Zong 4G’s dedication to highlighting the remarkable accomplishments of A.G Chagla struck a chord with viewers, fostering a sense of pride and patriotism amongst Pakistanis.

The short film introduced the audience to a boy, who is working on his musicology thesis. Seeing him struggle, his mother encouraged him to explore the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. Intrigued, the boy conducted research to find that one ideal melody.

While on this journey, he discovered the National Anthem, Pak Sarzameen, composed by A.G Chagla in 1949, only one year after he was appointed to the National Anthem Committee (NAC).

The film, titled ‘Celebrating 75 years of Azadi –The Notes of Chagla’ empowers the protagonist to utilize the power of digital to shed light on the stories of Unsung National Heroes, both big and small. The film featured acclaimed actors Shehryar Munawar and Simi Raheal and was distributed across all of Zong 4G’s social media platforms.

Receiving the Content of the Year award is a testament to Zong 4G’s commitment to delivering captivating and impactful content. By leveraging its expertise and innovation in digital storytelling, Zong 4G has once again demonstrated its position as the leading player in the telecommunications industry.

“We are thrilled and honoured to have received the Content of the Year award for our 14th August campaign, ‘The Notes of Chagla’,” said the official spokesperson of Zong 4G.

“This award is a recognition of our team’s hard work and dedication to creating content that engages, inspires, and unites our audience. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Pakistan Digital Awards for acknowledging our efforts.”

Zong 4G adds another well-deserved notch to its belt in its 15th year of excellence and remains committed to providing innovative and cutting-edge services to its customers. With a focus on delivering seamless connectivity and enriching experiences, Zong 4G continues to empower Pakistan to explore new horizons in the digital world.

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