Zindigi and EFU Collaborate to Digitize Insurance Landscape

Zindigi and EFU Collaborate to Digitize Insurance Landscape

Zindigi, a key player in digital financial services, has joined forces with EFU Life Assurance, a leading life insurance provider in Pakistan. This partnership is aimed at offering insurance solutions to safeguard against uncertainty and rising prices, empowering people in Pakistan to protect their physical, mental, and financial well-being through digital insurance products.

Meena M. Khan, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Zindigi, stated, “Our collaboration with EFU is geared towards providing insurance options that help individuals combat the effects of inflation, aligning with the rapidly changing financial landscape in Pakistan.”
Ms. Nilofer Sohail, Deputy General Manager of Channel Strategy & Execution at EFU, added, “Observing the rise and expansion of the Zindigi Channel, particularly in reaching previously untapped customer segments, many of whom are first-time users of banking services, is truly heartening. Aligned with EFU Life’s commitment to inclusive insurance, we have consistently endeavored to extend insurance protection across diverse demographics. The alliance with Zindigi stands as a momentous marker in this ongoing endeavor. Leveraging our array of products, services, and proficiency, we aspire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our valued customers.”

Zindigi and EFU Life Assurance are proud to unite their expertise in the financial and insurance sectors to create a seamless and customer-centric experience. This partnership aligns perfectly with Zindigi’s mission to protect the financial interests of its customers and provide inclusive financial solutions to individuals across Pakistan.

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