‘Storm into the Future’ with StormFiber’s New TVC

Good riddance to run-off-the-mill advertising – at least in this one instance – where actors and models mindlessly prance around over jingles that leave people wondering what they just tried to sell, and why so oddly.

StormFiber seems to have emerged as the first brand to break the bizarre tradition, replacing it with a refreshingly futuristic TVC where the lead character is a humanoid (a human-robot hybrid), for a change.

Of course, we also have Pakistan’s heartthrob Faysal Quraishi in the lead, who is shell-shocked to meet ‘Future’, the humanoid, as he rings the doorbell.

Initially, Faysal is seen struggling with his video calls due to a poor internet connection. Future, who represents StormFiber’s 100% fiber-optic connection, transforms all the digital experiences of his household, including video calls, downloads, TV viewing, gaming, and streaming, making them truly seamless.

The TVC also highlights how an ultra-fast internet connection actually prepares you to make the most of the opportunities in the future.

This is the first time that StormFiber has come up with such a mega TVC campaign, one that disrupts the convention and should correct the course of old-school Pakistani advertising.

The brand has been constantly expanding its fiber optic footprint across Pakistan with services currently available in 18 cities.

Seeing the futuristic TVC, we now hope that brands keep coming up with such interesting ideas so that users get to see content that is vibrant, fresh, and relatable.

You can also enjoy the TVC here:

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