Punjab Adds New Subject to Matric and Intermediate Board Exams

Quran translations will be incorporated into the Matriculation and Intermediate curriculum, according to an announcement by Punjab’s Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE).
They also mentioned that classes 9 and 11 would take the subject’s board exams.

The cumulative total marks for the board test will rise to 1,200 if the Holy Quran translation is added to the matriculation curriculum.

Additionally, it was announced that the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board will create the lesson plans for the new subject’s classes.

In other news, the Punjab education boards have confirmed that the results of the matriculation board exams will be released by 31 August.

The school boards have also determined that all applicants will be declared “successful” and that this year; grades would be assigned to students rather than positions. The information will also be posted on the websites of the boards.

No Extended Summer Vacations for Sindh

The summer break in the province will not be extended due to monsoon rains, according to the Sindh Education and Literacy Department.

The Minister for Education & Literacy Department Sindh also posted on Twitter to deny rumors that the province’s summer break would stretch past the first of August.

The education department’s representative affirmed that academic institutions will reopen on August 1 as scheduled following the summer break.

The declaration follows the announcement made by private schools in Karachi that the summer break will be extended to August 9 due to monsoon rains and Ashura.

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