Prince Fred Khalifa Khalilian Cleared of all Charges in Monster Case

Prince Fred Khalifa Khalilian, the former COO of Monster, a company known for its high-quality cables, speakers, lighting, game mice, and headsets, has been cleared of all charges in a US court. The case against him was dismissed after an investigation failed to uncover any substantial evidence to support the claims made against him. The allegations included robbery, cheating, plotting against the company, and issuing threats of defamation, death, and harm to the families of Monster’s employees.

Khalilian, who is the second-largest shareholder in Monster, was relieved to hear the court’s final decision and expressed his faith in the legal system. He was forced to step down from his position at the company in 2017 due to the allegations, but has now been reinstated. Despite being cleared of all charges, the lost money and reputation he experienced during the two-year legal battle remain unaccounted for.

Khalilian played a crucial role in helping to turn around the fortunes of Monster when it faced intense competition from Apple. He worked closely with Noel Lee, the founder of the company, and was responsible for its finances from 2014 to 2017. Kevin Lee, Noel’s son, was also falsely accused in the case. Khalilian now plans to move forward with his more ambitious plans.



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