Orange Line steps forward to support flood victims in South Punjab

Orange Line steps forward to support flood victims in South Punjab

In order to further strengthen the relationship between Pakistan and China, a group of 20 employees, volunteers and representatives of the Orange Line Metro Train project came forward to distribute life support essentials amongst the flood victims of Jampur, which remains among the most crushed urban communities in the Rajanpur locale of South Punjab during the ongoing continuous floods emergency. The donation packages included ready-to-eat food items, cleanliness items, raw grocery items, and cash support with a combined worth of two million rupees to help the individuals who have been fundamentally impacted by the floods.

Sulaiman Range met heavy torrential rains during monsoon season which caused massive water flooding that prompted breakage of the security dykes of two water channels in district Rajanpur. Floodwaters likewise penetrated the protection dyke of Chak Shaheed drain that overflowed and flooded the surroundings of the village, cutting its 2,500 occupants off from the rest of the area. Due to recent monsoon rains, the areas of Rojhan and Jampur tehsils of district Rajanpur confronted extreme losses making it challenging for rescue teams to arrive at the impacted areas and forcing millions of people to abandon their homes and look for rescue shelter, help and assistance.

While speaking about it, Li Chen, the CEO of Orange Line Metro Train Lahore said, “The Orange Line Metro Train project is a good example of China and Pakistan’s iron-clad friendship which is time tested and timeless. During this natural calamity of unprecedented scale, we firmly stand with our Pakistani brothers and sisters to support them with their rescue and rehabilitation efforts.”

This fundamental help from Orange Line Metro Train project the other continuous endeavors and efforts at a crucial time when a large number of living souls have been lost, innumerable families have been displaced, and major infrastructure across many cities has been washed away because of enormous floods. It will unquestionably require joint cooperative endeavors by everybody to help recuperate from this huge emergency and fix the harm it has caused.

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