Landa Bazars Struggle With Rising Prices as Government Increases Tax on Imported Goods

Amid the cold weather and rising inflation, shoppers looking for affordable warm clothing in the country’s “Landa Bazars” will face increased costs due to a tax hike on imported goods. According to a report, the government has raised the tax on imported items such as clothes, blankets, and other warm clothing from Rs81 to Rs225 per kilo.

The tax increase, which includes a 5% sales tax, 5% customs duty, 10% regulatory duty, and 5.5% income tax, will make imported used items more expensive for consumers. The inflation crisis has already had a significant impact on the people of the country, with the Sensitive Price Indicator showing a 28.76% increase for the combined consumption group in the past week. Prices for various goods, including onions, chicken, tea, and wheat flour, have also increased on a year-over-year basis.


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