Jazz conducts successful trial of 1.2Tbps transport network with Huawei

Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital operator and part of VEON Group, has successfully conducted trial of Pakistan’s first 1.2Tbps (1200Gbps) transport network. This technology increases the optical fiber capacities by 50% from its existing 800Gbps over a single wavelength.

The trial was conducted in a live network in collaboration with Huawei, during which Jazz commercial network was upgraded to 1.2Tbps per wavelength. Jazz is the first operator to introduce next-generation transport network solution on its network. With over 15,000 operational cell sites this new technology will help Jazz meet its customers’ growing needs of data services.

Commenting on this industry-first development, Jazz’s Chief Technology Officer, Khalid Shehzad said, “Our customers are increasingly using high-bandwidth applications which has led to an amplified demand for faster data. The 1.2T technology allows us the freedom to provide more data at greater speeds in an efficient manner enabling our customers to use enhanced services on their 4G devices.”

The demand for broadband speed and volume grows exponentially with a rise in low-latency services like virtual meetings, online gaming, video streaming, etc. Recently, Jazz also successfully launched 400G technology on its long-haul optical transport network and 800G on its metro and datacenter networks.


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