Etihad Town’s Convention Celebrates Sales Partnerships and Highlights Development Milestones

Strategic Sales Partners (SSPs) of Eithad town Etihad Marketing, Lion Group, Summit Estate & Builders, Taqmeel, Royal Estate, Ghamza Group, Ghumman Estate and Property Miles successfully hosted a remarkable Realtor’s Convention in Lahore.

The event gathered influential sales partners of SSPs, along with potential individuals who could become the arm of Etihad Town and Strategic Sales Partners to effectively sell inventory.

The convention was graced by the presence of Raheel Munir and Sohail Munir, Directors of the Etihad Group. They expressed their gratitude and congratulated the SSPs for successfully pulling off the event, which not only showcased the growth opportunities but also provided a platform to strengthen relationships and foster collaboration.

Sheikh ShujaUllah Khan, the Chief Operating Officer of Etihad Real Estate, made significant announcements during the event, unveiling exclusive discounts, offers, and easy payment plans. He highlighted that the structure road  known as Chenab Road  has been approved by the LDA, and development has already begun. This road will connect Etihad Town Phase II with the city’s main Ferozepur Road, providing fast and easy access to the project.

The B2B-focused event aimed to strengthen the business network and foster collaborative growth between Etihad Town and its valued sales partners and dealers. The convention attendees enjoyed a delightful dinner and were treated to a mesmerizing Qawali night.

Throughout the evening, impactful speeches were delivered, with Shakil Sadiq, Executive Director, providing valuable insights into the Etihad Group and the development arm of Etihad Town, TAPL (Technical Associate Pakistan Pvt. Ltd), highlighting the remarkable achievements and milestones accomplished.

The SSPs expressed their appreciation for the support from their valued sales partners and dealers. The convention also recognized the outstanding contributions of key individuals, with deserving participants and organizations receiving shields of appreciation, symbolizing their dedication and commitment towards the success of Etihad Town.

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