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Diamond Jubilee – Pakistan Receive A Melodious Tribute From NADRA

It is quite overwhelming and simply heartening to see that every Pakistani – whether living in Pakistan or abroad – is equally celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Pakistan so promisingly and cheering up the people around them.

In a bid to take active part to celebrate the 75th Independence Day and to to pay tribute to this heroic nation, National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) came up with its melodious, rather awe-inspiring share ‘Hamari Jaan Pakistan – Hamara Maan Pakistan’ which – so far – has taken the social media by storm and has received a huge ovation from the viewers across social media, whether we talk about Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok etc.

This short but head-on 95sec national song starts with a quote of the Great Quaid in which he was reiterating that this valiant nation had given countless sacrifices to get a new identity in the form of Pakistan.

As of now, this quote directly correlates with the core essence of the NADRA as – since its inception – it is doing its best to give every Pakistani a true ‘national identity’.

The song then takes its viewers/listeners through various monuments and beautiful landscapes of Pakistan besides excellently displaying interfaith harmony and later ends at a high note.

Nonetheless, the beautiful song was written by a bunch of dedicated NADRA employees and the Chairman Tariq Malik has given its final touches.

If you haven’t yet gone through this melodious tribute, here we go.

Keep the momentum of this day high and Enjoy Viewing!