Descon Oxychem Ltd Celebrates 10 Million Safe Hours Milestone

Descon Oxychem Ltd Celebrates 10 Million Safe Hours Milestone

Descon Oxychem has completed 10 million safe hours from December 2008 to November 2023. This remarkable milestone not only exemplifies the company’s dedication to safety but also underscores its commitment to business excellence. The company’s proactive approach to safety measures, rigorous training programs, and the implementation of safe practices have played pivotal roles in reaching this milestone.

As Descon Oxychem marks this accomplishment, the leadership is already looking ahead to the future with a renewed focus on increased efficiencies and a diversified business portfolio. This milestone serves as a foundation for the company’s continuous efforts to elevate safety standards and business practices.

Mohsin Zia expressed his thought on this achievement, stating “I am thrilled to announce that our organization has surpassed a momentous milestone— 10 million safe hours. This achievement stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of safety excellence and the dedication of our entire team. Looking forward, we are committed to enhancing our operational efficiencies and expanding our business portfolio.”

Descon Oxychem remains committed to its vision of maintaining and surpassing these high safety standards in the years to come. The company looks forward to building on this success and achieving millions of man-hours more with an increased motivational spirit.

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