The Pakistan Affairs is a platform where opinion of an ordinary Pakistani has been given words. Our country is very fortunate in a way that after such high level of corruption and bad governance it is still safe. There are so many issues that need to be addressed, not just highlighted but also given strong voice. There has been debate on media over various issues but nothing has been practically done. The Pakistan Affairs is going to be a platform where issues are highlighted before they become a massive issue for the prosperity of our country.

Pakistan lacks authentic news and real issues that need to be given voice. People of Pakistan are suffering in so many ways in their routine life but the trend is to keep moving without even raising voice against the wrong practices and policies being implemented. We are a team of professionals from different fields who are going to highlight the issues of a Pakistani, the issues of Pakistan.

There are loop holes in many things happening in country that people don’t even know about, our law system is proper and there is law about everything but people don’t know their rights. This is due to the lack of awareness that our people have regarding rights. The Pakistan Affairs will let you know about all those insights that are seldom overlooked.