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With The Prayer That You Only Suffer As Much As You Deserve

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi meeting with former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad on 8th August, 2017

Our dear departed (PM) addressed a press conference yesterday. He appeared quite poised and composed (for the trouble he seems to be in). Other than that I was disappointed with what he said because he told us some truth that helped his stance without telling the entire truth that could hurt him in any way. In a nutshell he has no answers for the questions required to be answered by him and again he has tried to sell the idea that all his troubles are because he tried Pervez Musharraf for treason. While describing the episode he told blatant lies and tried to distort such facts that all sane people have now memorized. “I was exiled” cannot sell today as also “I was accused of hijacking” because all knowledgeable people know that he did order the skyjacking and he was not exiled but opted to leave the country under a signed arrangement.

Coming to the point, he tried his best to portray himself as clean and honest, upright and principled, country’s well wisher, a patriot and one who has taken the country on the road to progress and also posed a number of questions through which he tried to consolidate his case. Here are some counter questions that he may like to answer, though the chances of it happening are next to nothing given that he seems to have no answers to the questions that the court posed to him.

1. If you are so principled and honest, can you please explain what were you and your jatha doing in Luxurious Punjab House? You have no authority to use that premises yet you continue to burden the exchequer with expenses that it incurs by hosting you and your havariyoon. please also explain, under what law are you receiving the full protocol, dozens of government vehicles and hundreds of police personnel. Are you not misusing the public money on your person and that of your jatha. Please also explain how your daughter makes use of all the facilities at government expense?

2. You wanted to know as to who in the world but you have been penalized for being nominated in the Panama papers and then you say that your name is not in the papers. MNS sb we are not concerned who in the world were penalized, we are concerned with punishing those from our nation whose names appeared in those papers. Still to answer your question, one of those (Icelandic PM) had the moral courage and political vision to resign and face the consequences., what those may be I do not know. You however chose to cling on to your position in the belief that your best chance to survive the revelations lay in remaining in power and managing the problem. You failed in your assessment and your plan hence you are being tried. I also believe Brazilian President was impeached for her name appearing in Panama Papers, but that is of no consequence to us Pakistanis. Since you have asked for examples in the world, can you please tell us where in the world a sitting government establishes a media cell to malign state institutions and in the same breath please quote an example wherein a prime minister’s daughter chairs official meeting in the PM house? Please also quote an example wherein a state revenue authority is commandeered by an non-elected tout of the prime minister? You have done it to FBR by forcing MR Humayun Akhtar on its head. In the same breath can you also please tell us where in the world a court declares a convict as innocent years after the crime was proven and all statutory time limits having elapsed? For your remembrance I am talking of your acquittal in hijacking case 9 years after you were convicted.

3. You have held military to be responsible for break up of the country in 1971. I agree with you to the extent that they must share a portion of the blame. However can you please tell us if this is your final position or is it liable to change and you will put this blame on PPP again at an opportune time? as you have done in the past. As for your new found sympathy for Bhutto and his unjust hanging, please tell us that this is also your final position because you have in the past taken a different position on the matter.

4. You have asked as to which general has been punished for his misdoings. Please tell us which politician has been punished for his misdoings? Bhutto was not hanged for his political misdoings but murder. The first time a politician (you) is being prosecuted for his misdoings and you have raised all hell rather than fighting your case in the court. In fact the army and armed forces regularly and routinely punish their wrongdoers through a system. Please tell us what system do you have in your party to punish wrongdoers and what is you definition of wrongdoing? The politicians have in fact assisted each other in continued wrongdoing. Remember Mujib was released and joined the round table conference on the insistence of all the politicians of the time! Pardon me, of late you do not hold Mujib guilty of any wrongdoing!

5. You claim that Pakistan was on the road to progress till you were removed. Please tell this nation how much foreign loan was taken during your four years and some stint and where was it spent. Let me refresh your memory because you do not seem to bother about this life threatening situation for the country or it was a deliberated action. Your government took a loan of US$35 billion. Can you please tell us where was this money spent? I know a good part of it must have been spent on debt servicing, I am asking about the rest. Your claim of making motorways is correct but it is CEPAC loan that is funding this and some other visibly glittering projects. Please tell us if you have ever had international auditors look into these projects. While still on the subject your government (in fact you and your brother) awarded a contract to the Chinese for a motorway at 25% or so more than the closest bidder. Then you waived off the duty on the import of construction machinery through an SRO and on top of that you exempted their earning from normal taxes. Thus the motorway that would cost 110 billion rupees ended up costing 200 billion rupees. Your obvious answer will be, “prove it”. Please have it audited by an international auditor or make available the bidding process and the SROs and a Pakistani babu will be able to prove it. This proof thing came to your rescue in the matter of election rigging. You asked for proof because you knew it very well that all the proof was in your government’s custody and there was no way anyone would get to it.

6. You have openly stated that you are being punished for instituting treason case against Pervez Musharraf. You stated that he left his palace to appear in the court and instead went to a hospital. The word palace being used sarcastically for someone’s residence does not seem pleasant coming from your mouth. It is your residence that is the real and only palace in this country. You live in that palace at tax payers expense, you leave that palace and travel to the court at tax payer’s expense, you leave the court and stay at another palace at tax payer’s expense and you return to your palace at tax payer’s expense, all this while you are a disgraced liar! Pleas tell us honestly, is Musharraf’s residence a palace or yours, or am I asking for too much? and both of you need to explain the source of funds for constructing and maintaining his residence and your palace.

7. You also said that you wanted to build Pakistan’s foreign policy without interference. Please can you, without looking at a paper or asking your brother tell us what is commonly said about Pak-China friendship? If you wanted to build our foreign policy, did you intend to do it on your own? because you did not have a foreign minister. I think your foreign policy starts and ends in giving concessions to India. Your innermost desire was to provide India land access to Afghanistan. Musharraf asked for land access to Nepal in return and yet he is accused of treason and not you.

8. You claim that you instantly authorized Pakistan’s nuclear test in 1998. There are many persons, actually involved in the episode, who say that you did it only after being pressurized. We believe neither you nor them, just show us the approval particularly the date of that approval. To your credit, if true, is your assertion that you refused US$5 billion offer for abandoning the tests. Was this money for you personally or the country?

9. Finally please tell us what is wrong if the establishment did orchestrate your ouster and trial, when you on a number of occasions have acted and uttered against the interests of the country. The interests of the country are well known to all except that your definition does not match with commonly understood notion all over the world. There are numerous instances that I can quote but let me enumerate the most heinous ones.

– You do not subscribe to the basis of Pakistan’s creation.
– You chose to host Modi only hours after his diatribe against Pakistan in a foreign capital.
– You betrayed your army in Kargil affair and acted in Indian interest. (There is plenty of material now available on the matter indicating your favour to India)
– You chose to, as a PM, have Indian experts in your industrial concerns. You did not give it a thought that these could include enemy country’s intelligence operatives.
– In you four years or so stint you never even once spoke against India. There were plenty of genuine occasions to do so.

MNS sb, your questions will be or will not be answered but you do expect them to be answered, I hope. I certainly want you to say something in reply to the simple questions above. I think you have an innate hatred for the armed forces and any body who supports them, even if it be for genuine reasons. You have collected around yourself people of similar mindset. Is it a coincidence or collaboration that the most venomous remarks against the armed forces come from one of your close aides? Is it that they want to please you or is it that you are pleased by them? MNS sb! you are a politician, but politicians sometimes tell the truth also. Let us hear from you the unabridged truth on the matters that I have agitated.

With the prayer that you only suffer as much as you deserve.

– Admiral Afzal Tahir