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Winners of PMSS Islamabad Awards Announced


Reporting on police requires to understand the nuance of the law, legal terms and investigation if sensitive crime issues were to be reported accurately, said Amir Ghauri a veteran journalist during a web based event for Police Media Saath Saath Awards for Journalistic Work on Police held here the other day.

The awards are part of the broader initiative ‘Police Awam Saath Saath’ which focuses on advocacy for police reforms leading to better and efficient policing besides building trust between police and the community were announced in June this year.

Over the last three months, ‘Police Media Saath Saath’ engaged a large number of journalists from all over Pakistan into a dialogue on police reforms and formed a network of journalists who cover crime/terrorism, police, courts and parliamentary forums.

During this web-based event, the awards were announced for exceptional journalistic work on print, electronic and digital platforms. The three winners for these categories were Shakeel Anjum (print) for his story ‘What hampered implementation of Police Order 2002’ published on June 19 & 20, Aasia Kausar (electronic) for her report ‘Police – Muhafiz bhi Madadgaar Bhi’ aired on her news channel and Umar Janjua (digital) for his exclusive interview published on news blog of first transgender being appointed at Pakistan’s First Women Police Station as Victim Support Officer in Rawalpindi.

While congratulating the winners, Aniq Zafar – CEO CRS said that the media has a very important role when it comes to engaging key policy makers and keeping the demand for effective police reforms alive which are much needed.