Voter Behavior in Pakistan Elections 2018


    Elections play an important role in the progress of a democratic state. Up to now Society has realized the importance of elections which is the only the way to get the society rid of darkness that hinders society development. As election proved to be a strong and effective source of change in a society However one cannot neglect the importance of voter.

    Vote of individual held greater power which can bring a revolution in a state.   Representatives who got elected as a result of voter decision held a huge responsibility towards the nation. Today a lot of efforts have been made regarding the elections in Pakistan. Most important aspect regarding election to be considered is the decision of voter while casting a vote for a party. Despite of greatest hurdles in the long way of elections including electoral fraud, election manipulation, or vote rigging, a voter can play a major role. As a voter, individuals through its wiser decision can make a positive contribution in society.

    It is the responsibility of the voter to be honest and fair enough while casting a vote for a particular party. Most important aspect while deciding to cast a vote for a particular leader or party is to think on ground basis that whether a party or leader fulfills a criteria based upon principles which act as a guidance for a leader to lead a state. However it is the dilemma of society that most of the principles which are as much as important for a leader are being ignored to a large extent in our society. As a human being one individual needs to think about whether a particular representative of a society reflects the principles in their life.

    It is the citizen who decides to vote for a particular leader in the elections .Voter honest assessment and evaluation of party leader is more important as it will help to appoint a better and sensible leader for leading a state in a sensible and fair manner. Voter reckless behavior in making a decision for the selection of a leader might negatively impact the election results in a society.