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Two More Kids Victim to Poisonous Food in Sindh


In another case of its kind in recent history in Sindh, sub-standard food from an area food stall in Hyderabad has allegedly caused the death of a minor boy, along with his sister in a very serious medical condition..

As per the information details, the unfortunate children had consumed some harmful fries from a street seller in Hyderabad. The police aforesaid that the siblings ate french-fried potatoes from a local food shop in Chandni area of Hyderabad.

The kids fell sick after consumption the alleged toxic food. each were hurried to the hospital, with the brother died on the way. Following the incident, the authorities sealed 3 eateries. moreover, the managers of the said eateries were also arrested.

Abdullah Lak, Superintendent of Police of the Cantt. area, told that the food samples from the eateries are going to be collected shortly.

The father of the kids, also as four-year-old Humayyun and his twin sister Aliza ate fries at the eatery after which they fell very sick.

The father conjointly criticized the hospital employees, saying they showed negligence, as they failed to wash his son’s stomach. The doctors said that the kids had consumed something poisonous because of that they’d fallen sick.

Inspector General Sindh Police Dr. Syed Kaleem imam has also ordered a pursuit into the matter.