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Tribute to Veteran Artist Amjad Sabri at Ehede Ramzan Transmission

Express Entertainment took an initiative of paying tribute to the legendary Naat Khawans in its ramzan transmission under the brand name Ehede Ramzan. Recently, the Ehede Ramzan transmission paid tribute to the legendary artist Amjad Sabri. One of the most famous Naat Khawans, Qawwal, and among the pioneers who played a prominent role in carrying forward the Sufi tradition. Unfortunately, the nation lost a legendary artist on June 22, 2016, in the Holy month of Ramzan.
On Thursday, May 31, 2018, Express Entertainment revived the memories and played a significant role in spreading his melodious voice throughout Pakistan with the help of Ehede Ramzan transmission. On the occasion number of celebrities were invited such as Naeem Abbas Rufi to name few. The family of Amjad Sabri was also present including his mother Asghari Begum, wife Nadia Sabri and three sons. The transmission was well executed and it left the audience in tears. Apparently, it felt that Amjad Sabri was present between us. In an extremely emotional moment, Amjab Sabri sons recited his naats leaving the audience spell bounded and carrying forward the legacy. Moreover, the hosts of the Ehede Ramzan transmission Javeria Saud and Imran Abbas also recited Amjad Sabri famous naats.
For those who are unaware, Ehede Ramzan is a transmission by Express Entertainment. Previously tribute has been paid to Junaid Jamshed and Siddiq Ismail. An out of the box idea which has not only given the audience an opportunity to listen to the beautiful naats but also, a chance to attract youth and light the candle of religion in one’s heart. Certainly, it is a transmission more than just cosmetic changes and way different than the competitors.