Have you ever wondered what it takes to get started out as a freelance graphic designer? If you are thinking about venturing into the field of graphic design for yourself, then this blog should prove to help you tremendously!

Who is a graphic designer?

The graphic designer’s job is to effectively communicate the intended message of the project at hand visually to a specified audience. Designers do this through arranging type, symbols, color, and imagery to create a brand “feel” related to the business they are working with for the project at hand.


Learn the skills

www.digiskills.pk is offering free online courses that provide the essential knowledge and skills to polish your graphic designing skills, especially if you have an excellent eye for design to begin with and are a go-getter when it comes to seeking out the known experts in the field and going through their books or online courses to learn everything you need to know and set you on the path for success. DigiSkills.pk is the right platform for you, plus the instructors are experts themselves who have gotten onboard to impart knowledge digitally.

Recommended tools

A Reliable Computer: You can easily work on either a Mac or a PC, as the design programs can be downloaded and used on both of these platforms.

Adobe Creative Cloud Programs: These programs are an absolute must and the industry standard for every graphic designer to have. Download Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, & Muse. Learn these programs back & forth through DigiSkills.pk free online courses and you’ll be able to provide your clients with great value in any area of their branding materials.

A Sketchbook & Pen: Having a sketchbook and pen nearby is a great time saver so that you can do quick sketches to determine the composition of your project or concept ideas before you bring them to the computer for more concentrative work.

How to Work From Home as a Graphic Designer

Invest time and effort into making your online work profile shine with your brief work description and your portfolio of 4-6 samples. Once you have your profile set up, the next thing to do is to start submitting applications to the job postings that interest you for work directly related to your portfolio samples.

Graphic design is a field that is ever growing and there is no cap to how far you can go in your business! If you are interested in becoming a graphic designer, start exploring your own area of concentrated study. You can even do this while still working your day job by dedicating an hour or two each evening towards your own self-study and building your portfolio.

Now that you have the gist on how to get started, sign up now on www.digiskills.pk and take the first step towards your career as a graphic designer.

Good luck!