Home Health Sportsfever360 Signed MoU with “Transparent Hands” to launch Health360 for sportsmen

Sportsfever360 Signed MoU with “Transparent Hands” to launch Health360 for sportsmen


For a society to flourish, it is important for every individual to take responsibility. Sportsfever360 has always realized its duty towards the society and empowering the underprivileged around them has been the mission of Sportsfever360 since the very beginning. In an effort to reaffirm their mission, Sportsfever360 has launched a unique initiative by the name of Health360 to support sportsmen and their families.

Sportsfever360 signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Transparent Hands to provide state of the art health facilities to deserving sportsmen and their families across Pakistan.

Transparent Hands funds surgeries of poor patients using a global Crowd funding platform. The platform provides visibility of poor patients and builds a personal and trusted bond between patients and donors while ensuring complete transparency. Sportsfever360 has pledged to contribute 1-2 % of the profit from every project to Transparent Hands. This may increase projects to project and can be fix amount on certain projects too.

More details regarding the initiative will be shared soon along with the launch of Mobile application which shall help people to connect easily with the organization.

There are many other leading organizations e.g. Daraz, OLX, Mitsubishi Corporation, Atlas Copco Pakistan and Hashoo Foundation supporting Transparent Hands.

The main purpose of Sportsfever360 joining Transparent Hands is to support talented and deserving sportsmen who do not have the means to fight with their illness. Sportsfever360 has been a front runner in recognizing and paying homage to the myriad of sports stars in Pakistan. The collaboration with Transparent Hands is a testament of their dedication towards this cause and reflects the organization’s concerns for its heroes. Transparent Hands and Sportsfever360 together shall enable everyone to fight their battles with dignity.

In the past too Sportsfever360 has supported such unique initiatives to embrace people from all walks of life. Whether it was the wheel chair tournament or supporting rising cricketing stars such as Ehsanullah by providing professional kits, the organization has never stepped back when it comes to contributing towards their people.

This new bond is the beginning of a fresh chapter for Sportsfever360 and we hope there are many more to comes.